on the road again

road tripping is more than just driving, it’s wander lusting

For some of you who follows my Instagram perhaps you have known from my photos that I had been on the road trip couple weeks ago.  If I’m not wrong it was about two weeks ago, on school breaks, the four of us went on road trip from Western Australia across to South Australia, and Victoria.

In this post I’d like to share our on the road and camping stories.  This is not our first time long road trip across Australia, couple years ago we did the same route and then continued to Tasmania. We spent five weeks total back then, and this time was just two weeks.

We left our home on Monday morning 26th of September, the weather was quite cool 17 C.  We packed enough food to consume for our about 10 hours driving.  Boys were in a good mood, not fighting…yet.  Our first stop for coffee and toilet was at Coolgardie, after about 6 hours driving.  From here we just kept continue driving until our first destination of the day, Fraser Range.


So, first night we camped at Fraser Range.  It’s a pastoral lease and sheep station, about 100 km of east Norseman.  Besides power and un-powered sites, they also have cabin accommodation.  We like this place, every road trip we always make sure that we stay here.  The facilities including camp kitchen, shower and toilet. If you choose to stay at their cabin, they can also provide you meal for $30 per person including main meal, dessert, coffee and tea.

img_2379dinner is cooking

But of course, we stayed at un-powered site (my hubby didn’t think we need power except for charging our gadget) and I cooked dinner 🙂 Dinner was burger and dessert was tim-tam cheesecake (left over from home) and tea, so fancy huh 🙂  We all had a nice shower and ready for bed.  For your information, the shower in Fraser Range need $1 coin to put it in the slot and you can have the shower for 5 minutes.  If you need more than 5 minutes then you have to insert another $1 coin.

img_4658good morning!

The next day as early as 6 am and it was so cold we all rose and shined.  I still got my coffee made and served in my “bed” though 🙂 We had bacon, egg, and avocado on toast for breakfast.  Then packed every thing and off we went.


We had quite a big and long drove on the second day.  It was very bad weather, with flood and hail warning every where on our way.  We crossed the Nullabor plain for 96 miles and by 6.30pm we were already in South Australia’s time.  Mind you there are time differences between Western Australia, South Australia, and Victoria.  Various states and territories in Australia have daylight saving, except for Queensland, Northern Territory and Western Australia.  Nullarbor plain is part of the area of flat, almost treeless, arid or semi arid country of southern Australia, located on the Great Australian Bight coast with the great Victoria dessert to its north.  Nulla in latin means no, arbor means tree.

Because of the weather warning we decided to stay at the motel for the second night.   Yay, nice bed and meals served at the restaurant 🙂

the storm is coming

Third day, the weather warning became even severe.  It was very very windy and started to rain too.  Some of the roads were closed because of the flood and also there was no power for the the rest of  South Australia, can you imagine that???!!! We listened to the radio and it was a big chaos in Adelaide, some people got trapped in the elevator and the traffic went crazy since the traffic light didn’t work.  Tonight we stayed at the country club in little town called Clare. The wind was pretty severe, many trees fallen, the lake behind our cabin was very very full.  That night I couldn’t really sleep, I was worried the whole night if the tree would fall in to our roof or the water got up to our room. And of course we didn’t have electricity too in this nice country club, thanks God we had our lamp/light from our camping gear and even used our gas stove to make coffee and breakfast the next morning.  It was kinda like glamping that night!  We ate our dinner at the country club restaurant with candle lights every where.  The menu was very limited due to no power.

img_2446g l a m p i n g

the view from inside the cabin and a branch did fell into our roof!

The next morning we continued drove to Mt.  Gambier where my sister in law and her family lives.  The weather was still awful.  Some areas still has no power and flood every where.  Thanks God we arrived safe and sound at my sister-in-law and she has electricity and nice warm food and comfy bed, yaay!

it’s nice to be back to the civilization 🙂

same place different years , blue lake – mt.gambier

The following days, we traveled around Victoria, we visited my husband’s birth place and where he grew up, visited the farm, some family and relatives.  During this travel around the Victoria we stayed with relatives.  My boys got life experienced working with the sheep, playing in the muddy, rode on quart bikes, they really love all of it.

some vitamin needed!

working hard!

We spent another three days at Mt. Gambier before headed back home.  We left Mt.  Gambier on Saturday morning and first destination was Crystal Brooke to camp for a night.  It was a bit windy evening at Crystal Brooke, but we managed to cook our dinner and had our dessert as usual.  The shower facility at Crystal Brooke caravan park is pretty good, bigger shower room and no need to pay!


crystal brooke caravan park, the shower and the laundry


On the second day traveling back home,   from Crystal Brooke to Coorabie it took about 8 hours. Today we camped at the farm.  The camp area was a bit rough in my opinion and lots of mosquitoes, but I did love the camp kitchen and the shower.  The shower was again free and so spacious and clean.  There were only two family that night camped over there, an old couple and us. While we prepared our dinner, the owner of the farm came over and we gathered together at the camp kitchen with the fire on, drank beer and wine and chatted, and ate our meals together. I cooked mango chicken curry and rice for our dinner, which was very nice!


butt warmer 🙂

morning view at the farm

someone made us pancake for brekkie 🙂

Third morning, after having pancake for breakfast we continued our journey back home. We drove along the Nullarbor again, and after almost ten hours we finally got to Fraser Range again!  Since we arrived at Fraser Range quite late, almost 6.30pm so dinner was just an easy and quick pasta.  We were pretty knackered that night, so after shower straight away hopped to our bed…I meant tent and the back of the ute 🙂


long day on the road….

last dinner at fraser range

Finally we were home at around 3.30 in the afternoon, ahhhh…..home sweet home!  I miss my bed and my comfortable shower and our dog, Sammy! He was very pleased to see us, jumped around like little kid and made a funny noise 🙂

home sweet home

Now, kids back to school and I’m back to work and life goes back as it is.  Our day to day life is pretty hectic at the moment with boys’ activities, school, and social life.  That’s why it took me a while to up date this blog, it’s been a while, I know.  Summer is around the corner in this part of the world, as much as I’m loving the cooler weather I’m happy to have a warm sun shines on my skin and that I can wear dress and go to the beach again.

I’m sorry if this post is pretty long.  Hope you enjoy reading it.

Until next post!


32 responses to “on the road again”

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun mbak, despite the awful weather! I’ve never been to Oz but it looks like a great country for road tripping 🙂


    1. It was a lot of fun especially for the boys, Gy! 🙂 Next time jalan2 dunk ke Australia, mostly the caravan park is pretty good and the facilities quite complete.


  2. Paling seru kalo ngeliat orang camping. Tp gw gak mau kalo disuruh pergi camping Hahaha.

    Lucu yg foto di lake itu. Di reenact terus ntar sampe anak anak gede ya… Hehehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahaa gue juga dulu bukan tipe perempuan yg suka camping Man, perna sih camping waktu jaman sma dan kuliah. Tapi ternyata lama2 gue don’t mind camping, as long as it’s not that rough and in the remote area aza!
      Iya, semoga tiap kali balik ke Blue Lake selalu inget to take a pic 😛


  3. Waaahh seruuuu Ria cerita campingnya. Baca tulisanmu jadi ingat satu buku yg ditulis oleh traveller Indonesia yg tinggal di Australia satu tahun dan melakukan road and camping trip kayak gini.
    Bagian badai bikin deg2an, karena aku takut sama suara halilintar. Aku suka camping, dulu jadi anggota pencinta alam dan memang senengnya petakilan di gunung, hutan, laut. Eh ketemu suami yg ga suka camping. Beberapa kali ngajak, dia ga mau.


    1. Bukunya apa judulnya Den, jadi pengin baca, pengin tau gimana kesan dan pesannya penulis 🙂

      Iya, aku ga bisa tidur semaleman pas di Clare itu padahal tempat tidur nyaman banget, sayang pake thunderstorm dan angin kenceng banget. Kebalikkan Den, aku dulu bukan yang tipe suka camping, tapi sejak kawin sama suami jadi keikut suka. Aku suka drivingnya itu loh, ngeliat tempat yang jarang didatengin orang, pemandangan yang cakep, ga bosen deh.


      1. Under the Southern Stars by Anida Dyah. Ini ceritanya tentang road trip dan camping di Australia (aku lupa persisnya di daerah mana saja). Meskipun alur ceritanya lambat-menurutku- tapi deskripsi tulisannya jadi kayak kita dibawa ke suasana aslinya. Jadi ngebayangin juga.
        Suamiku ini doyan banget road trip sementara aku nggak. Aku doyan camping sementara dia nggak.Kami ini memang utara dan selatan haha

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Semoga ntar kl ke Jkt bisa cari buku itu di Gramedia ya Den, semoga msh ada.

          Kamu ga suka road trip, Den? Pdhl bisa di combine kan antara Deny dan suami, road trip & camping 😜😜👌🏻👌🏻 Aku sih pada dasarnya emg seneng jali2 jd kmana aza ok yg penting jalan😜😜


  4. Seru jalan-jalannya.. Dan kalo lagi ngelayap di daerah pedesaan/pedalaman North Queensland aku juga ngerasa kayak keluar dari peradaban manusia😄 saking jarangnya ketemu sesama manusia..


    1. Iya bener Em, kemarin aku mungkin lebih banyak liat sapi dan domba daripada manusia hehehe…. Pa kabar, dimana sekarang posisi ? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Kbr baik, makasih😀 Kamu apa kbr? Semoga baik ya.. Aku masih di Indonesia tapi lagi persiapan relokasi ke Oz.. Tadinya nyaris pindah ke Perth, eh gak jadi☹️ Akhirnya tetep ke Townsville.. Tapi ya sudahlah dijalani aja..


        1. Kabarku juga baik2 aza Em. Aaahhhh coba jadi ke Perth yaaaa….tetanggaan kitaaah😍


          1. Iya nihhh..tapi ternyata belum berjodoh kita☹️😭


  5. Awesome experience Ria. Gw juga suka roadtrip, seru. Ah the pics of you and the boys are so sweet.


    1. Thanks Lo😘 Iya road trip itu bikin refreshing rasanya ya😍


  6. Seru banget mbak Ria! Aku pengen banget nih road trip seru2an, kayaknya harus segera direalisasikan soalnya sim suami mati january tahun depan, dan aku gak brani kalo nyetir yg jauh2 😂. Nice pics tooo mbak Ria 😉


    1. Segera Dila, Victoria countryside keren2 viewnya. Aku kmarin gantian sih, jadi mayan lah. Cuma kl aku yg nyetir lebih pelan dan ga berani nyalip2 truck🤓🤓

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Mbak Ria, Foto the boys and sheep lucu banget, gemesin.. Nah aku juga sebenarnya city girl ( bukan anak mall yaa ) yang gak suka tempat sepi, tapi beberapa kali bolak balik NZ, dan pasangan aku gak suka tempat ramai, yah ternyata ok ok aja buat aku, malah dia sukanya ke tempat yang kurang touristy, cuma memang NZ kecil banget, gak kayak Australia kan, jadi tempat2 road tripnya juga gak jauh2 banget, plus kita berdua gak sanggup kalau harus camping.. hehe.. but your road trip story was a good one..


    1. Aah sama dunk, hubby juga ga suka dengan keramaian, sukanya masuk keluar hutan😜 Di NZ juga cakep2 banget kan countrysidenya ya. Camping dengan caravan atau campers lebih nyaman Inly, coba deh. Aku blom perna si, so far selalu nenda muluuuu😝😝


      1. Nah itu dia, aku pengen banget nyoba campervan, tapi katanya dia, ngapain juga? kan ada mobil, better nginep kayak di motel..tetep road trip cuma naik mobil.. hahaha..


        1. Campervan enak ga setibet nenda Inly, apalagi kl cuma semalem 2 malem gitu. Ga pa2 lah tinggal di motel, yg penting road trip hahaaaa😜😜👌🏻👌🏻

          Liked by 1 person

          1. hahaha iya mbak Ria.. setuju, yg penting road trip.. kebetulan kemarin itu, kalau jalan, selalu bawa sepeda.. jadi kalau mampir kemana gitu, nemu bike trail yah biking..


  8. keren betul


  9. Serruuu fotonya. Aku dari dulu selalu pengen coba tidur di belakang bagian mobil, tapi sampai sekarang belum kesampaian. 😀


    1. Ahahahaaaa….cita2 ya Steph, tidur di belakang mobil 😀


  10. Aku belum pernah camping out in the nature,padahal si R sering banget camping di California sana (kayaknya mirip2 di tempatmu ya banyak national parks dan bisa camping). Kalau di sekitar Jakarta rada bingung camping kemana. Hehehe.. ngga sabar kalau udah ikutan ke Cali pengen cobain camping 😀


    1. Nanti kalo uda di Cali coba deh road trip dan camping, it’s good for your body and mind👌🏻😜 Kalo Jkt sik camping di mall aza kali yaaaa😝


  11. Foto yang di lake itu manis banget. Btw salam kenal ya, Riaaa. First timer mampir ke blog ini

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Halo Ning, ma kasih uda mampir dan komen, salam kenal balik ya. Ahahaha…terima kasih selalu sweet kalo di foto hehehe….xx


  12. I looove road tripping! Aku beberapa kali camping di Perancis dan Italy, di UK di lake district dingin banget, tapi pagi2 kemah panas banget.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Iya Ndine, disini kalo camping pas summer juga meleleh kali…karena kalau pas summer banget malem pun temp masih 20-an!


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