le week-end

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I went to the beach with the father of my children and our eight years old golden retriever.  When the father of my children is in town or not working, we used to have our Friday date.  So, right after dropping the boys off at school we went straight to the beach.  We didn’t swim yesterday though, as the water was still a bit chilli for spring and hubby just got over his flu.  It’s actually hard to believe that this year the winter weather drag on a bit longer.  Well, even though it wasn’t cold cold winter temperature but still the water was icy cold.  So, only Sammy the one who swam.

Anyway, after our long walked we stopped over at our favourite café for some caffeine in take and delicious cronut and bacon muffin.  Then went  for mini groceries and back home before it was time to pick the boys up again.  How time flies so quick when you’re having fun, huh!  I ended my Friday with Bikram class in the evening, felt so good after that.

Here are some pictures from yesterday and a bit of video.  Hope you enjoy them!

Heeyyy wait for me!

I want some coffee please!

Believe it or not, today is going to be 37C degree oh my…hot…hot…hot!  So, Perthians if you are out and about don’t forget to slip slop and slap.  For my friends and readers in Indonesia, I hope you are all safe and stay away from the trouble.  Let peace be with us all!

Hate.  It has caused a lot of problem in this world, but it has not solved one yet. –Maya Angelou

Happy week-end you all!


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