Hello everyone,

With 2016 having drawn itself to a quiet close in our very warm corner of the world, like many of you I couldn’t help to think that a year just went by.  This year seems so fast, in a blink of an eye it’s gone.  Don’t you feel like that too?

Another chapter of life is closed, a new beginning starts.  Twenty sixteen is a year with ups and downs, mixed feelings, and uncertainty for our family.  But above every thing else, I’m grateful and thankful that our family are blessed with good health, because that’s the most important thing in our life.

I have no resolution that are no different to those I wake up to every morning.  Let me be kind.  Let me be patience.  Let me be gracious.  Let me be humble.  Let this year be a fresh start.  Oh…actually, I have a wish for the new year, my wish is let me  learn something new and hopefully it will get me to a better place in my work, fingers cross!

Here’s to end the 2016 and cheers to 2017!   May twenty seventeen will be a better year for the rest of the world and our family.

Happy New Year to you all and thank you for being my readers and follow this blog.  I do cherish all your comments and likes.  I wish you all a gentle and peaceful 2017.  May it bring us all the simples of wishes that are dearest to our heart.

I wish you nothing but a happy and bless year!


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