6 years in blogging + giveaway

Apparently according to WordPress, today is marked my six years of blogging with WordPress.  Yaaay, happy birthday to http://www.ohdearria.com I suppose!

In these six years of blogging, I probably just started religiously writing or posting in the last 2 years, I think.  Before that I was on and off, more off than on..tee hee…

So, through blogging for this six years I got to know a lot of people offline.  Few of them I have met, and few of them even though I haven’t seen them in flesh but we bond our friendship through private messages, other social media such as Path and FB. And I am very very grateful to get to know each of you, and I am thankful that you’ve been following this blog, commenting, and liking, and also give your loves through my Instagram as well.

I am trying hard when I’m expressing my point of views or opinions through my writing that I won’t judge people or thing, though sometimes it’s hard and I failed.  I apologize if you’ve ever felt offended by my writing or my comments.

I’m now daring myself by doing this, but what the heck it’s 2017, I gotta start new thing 🙂  I haven’t done this thing so far.  So, here’s the thing…. because it’s six anniversary of this blog I would like to give a little something for six people who comment on this post. I also have six questions for you to answer 🙂

Here they are:

  1.  What city I live?
  2.  What is my dog’s name and what breed is he?
  3. How many children I have?
  4. What do you want me to write more on this blog or what kind of story do you want me to write about?
  5. Should I blog more in bahasa Indonesia?
  6. Should I keep doing my vlog? Will you watch?

Okay that is all, it’s easy peasy right?  I will let you know the six lucky readers on my next post in the first week of February.  Those six people whose answers are all correct or close to, will get ; stationery from Kikki K, a fridget magnet, and a little something from Typo.  I’ll be waiting for your comments until end of January. Oh yeah, knowing I always have low rating for comments, so if I don’t have six people to comment, the first 3 people will get the gifts.

Have fun and once again, thank you very much for reading and following OhdearRia, much love to you all.

PS: If you haven’t, please follow OhDearRia on facebook, link is here





19 thoughts on “6 years in blogging + giveaway

  1. Happy 6th blog anniversary. Semoga makin seru nge -blog nya. Aku suka post2nya karena ada parenting2nya gitu.

    Mau coba ikutan jawab yaa:
    1. Perth
    2. Sammy
    3. Twin boy / 2
    4. Cerita parenting twin boys dong. Secara aku ibu yang masih belajar butuh ilmu parenting yang mumpuni 😉
    5. Aku gak ada masalah blog dengan bahasa Inggris atau bahasa Indonesia. Yang penting blog nya menyenangkan buat dibaca.
    6. Iya, aku suka lihat vlog nya. Seruuu.

    Semoga jawabannya bener ☺

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  2. Happy Anniversary buat blognya Mbak Ria!!
    mau ikut meramaikan giveawaynya ya mbak…

    1. Perth
    2. Sammy
    3. two and they are twin 😀
    4. I want more recipe post in this blog Mbak, baru belajar masak soalnya. hahaha
    5. Kalo mau ngeblog pakai bahasa apa sih gimana Mbak Ria aja. Aku pribadi ga pernah ada masalah mau Bahasa Indonesia atau Inggris
    6. You should!!

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  3. Dirgahayu Ria untuk ngeblog 6 tahunnya. Semoga selalu sukses di udara *kayak tagline radio 😅 aku mau ikut2an jawab, tapi jangan dimasukin ke peserta GA ya takutnya kalau menang (kePDan😁) kirimnya kejauhan ke Belanda.

    1. Perth 2. Sammy ras german dan retriever (ini aku ngira2 aja mengandalkan ingatan) 3. Dua anak (kembar), yang salah satunya aku suka banget puisinya 4. Pengen tahu tentang parenting untuk anak kembar. Maksudnya aku pengen tahu gimana seluk beluk ttg punya anak kembar 5. Mau bahasa apapun ga masalah karena tetap enak dibaca, karena aku komennya selalu pakai bahasa Indonesia hehe. 6. Untuk Vlog terus terang secara keseluruhan aku ga terlalu suka lihat daily vlog, lebih tertarik ke travelling vlog (yg menonjolkan tempat wisatanya) karena aku cepet bosen kalau lihat daily vlog dan memang biasanya buatku ga terlalu menarik. Jadi untuk Vlog, aku ga bisa kasih masukan secara khusus, hanya opini secara umum. Aku punya akun youtube sejak dulu dan kuisi rutin tapi bukan vlog yg terstruktur, melainkan rekaman2 travelling, konser dll. Ada dan ga ada yg lihat ya tetap kuisi akun youtube ku. Wong ga ada yg subscribe juga meskipun ada views nya.

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  4. Dirgahayu utk 6 tahun nya 🙂

    1. Perth
    2. Sammy – Gold Retriever
    3. 2 boys / Twins
    4. Cerita camping2nya seru, review make up juga, ah surprise us deh 🙂
    5. Bahasa Indonesia atau Inggris, hajar mana aja :d
    6. hell yeah for the vlog !

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  5. Yeaaaaay happy 6th blog anniversary mbaaak…. ikutan yaaa
    1. Perth
    2. Sammy
    3. Twin boys
    4. Morenpost on beauty and fashion mbak, i really enjoy your style and recommendation
    5. Inggris or Indonesia no probs
    6. Vlog? Aku sih yes. PS: padahal aku juga blum ber-vlog, haha tapi suka liat travel & beauty tutorial vlog 😀


  6. Selamat ultah blog nya ria!!! 🙂

    What city I live? Perth, Australia
    What is my dog’s name and what breed is he? Sammy… gua gak tau nama2 breed nya anjing hehe
    How many children I have? 2 (twin boys who are very good at swimming :D)
    What do you want me to write more on this blog or what kind of story do you want me to write about? about daily life
    Should I blog more in bahasa Indonesia? yes 🙂
    Should I keep doing my vlog? Will you watch? gak terlalu sering liat vlog sih karena biasanya bw nya pas di kantor. haha.


  7. Yay! Selamaaat! Aku ikutan jawab ah…

    3. Two ynag suka berenang subuh-subuh 😀
    4. Beauty tips doong…
    5. Bahasa apa aja…
    6. Eeerr…saya belum pernah lihat vlognya hihi *tutup muka


  8. Happy anniversary to your blog mba Ria! Iseng ikutan GAnya ah haha..

    What city I live? Perth.

    What is my dog’s name and what breed is he? Sammy, a golden retriever.

    How many children I have? Two handsome boys.

    What do you want me to write more on this blog or what kind of story do you want me to write about? Perth, baking, raising twins.

    Should I blog more in bahasa Indonesia? Yes you should.

    Should I keep doing my vlog? Will you watch? Yes you should. Of course I will.


  9. Aku masih bisa ikutan nggak nih.. telat banget blogwalkingnya hehehe, anyway ini deh ikutan jawab tetep :))))

    1. Perth
    2. Sammy – Golden Retriever x German Sheperd
    3. 2 twin boys
    4. I’m always interested in knowing what is life in Australia, but anyways I always love your stories, anykind! 🙂
    5. No preference 🙂
    6. Yes, of course!


  10. Happy Blogiversarry! Wow that is such an achievement. Aku ikut2an aja ah..
    1.Perth, AU
    2.Sammy -dari fotonya sih kayak Golden Retriever yah?
    3. two beautiful and talented boys
    4. More about your hobby and traveling – love the ones where go camping with the family
    5. Whatever you are most comfortable with, sometimes there are stories that is much more appropriate to be told in one language and sometimes the other.
    6. I watched them all at one go the other day, again I think if Vlogging makes you happy, do it, if it does not then don’t. I love your instagram updates, but I would watch your vlogs certainly. 🙂


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