gift away winners

Hello everyone,

Sorry if I’ve been MIA after my last post.  Life has been pretty full on lately.  Now that the long summer holiday comes to end, kids are back to school, and we are all back to the daily routines, I am looking forward to find some time alone in peace and quiet to blog.  I have couple stories to share with you but one thing at the time, okay👌🏻

I’m flattered with all responses I got from you all on my last post .  Thank you to each of you who had spared your time to answer.  Most of you answered the questions right, only a little bit mistake on the breed of my four legged buddy.  Yes, my dog’s name is Sammy and he’s a Golden Retriever crossed  German Shepperd.

I appreciate all your feed back on what you would like me to write on this blog.  Some of you would like me to post about my daily life, which actually I often blog about it, you can check them on ” this mama’s life” where I mostly whine and moan about my daily life as a mama.  As for beauty tips and fashion, parenting, life in Australia, raising twins, hobby, travelling, and recipe, I will try to post them every now and then.

Without further ado here are the lucky six :


I chose the winners based on who had the most right answers, I think it’s fair enough.  So, for the above six people can you please send me your address to:   And can I ask you a little bit favour, when you get the presents can you let me know either by email or private message on socmed please, so that I know you get them safely 🙂

For the rest of you, thanks for participating 🙂

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