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Hello everyone!

I apologise for being missing in action for a while! If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that I was on holiday in Indonesia for almost three weeks.

I love holidays! Whose not!!?? When I’m on holidays my life is so easy and simple. I don’t need to think about job, what to make for lunch box or to cook for dinner. I seem not to worry about everything! Oh well, I suppose I can’t be always on holiday all the time?


In the following weeks, hopefully, I will post stories and some pictures of our holiday in Sumbawa and Flores. Bear with me please 😀

We just got back four days ago. Kids go back to school, I’m back to my daily grind. Oh, and it looks like I’m jobless too! The shop I used to work closed its door and I’m not sure whether they are going to open another store in another location or what. Soo….I guess I need to renew my CV and start hunting for job!

It’s autumn in this part of the world. The temperature is just lovely at the moment, not hot not cold either, just perfect for that kind of short and thin long jumper or jeans and tank-top, and flip flop.

How have you been all? I hope life treats you well and if it doesn’t I wish you strength and courage to fight it. Wishing you all a good and relax week end everyone!

11 responses to “this mama’s life ”

  1. I followed your journey on IG but I didn’t know you went to Sumbawa! Where did you go to? I used to live in Sumbawa for 5 years, and that was some of the best times of my life ❤


    1. We went from Lombok to Sumbawa (besar)? Then Sumbawa to Moyo, then to Bima and Sape. Will share it on my next post😜

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      1. Can’t wait to read it 🙂

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  2. autumn nya masih panas ya?


    1. Masih mayan Man, 20nish gitu temperaturenya.


  3. Enjoy Indonesia mbaaaa 🙂


  4. Have good time Miss 😀


  5. aku ma chicco liatin IG mba ria pas libutan kemaren ngilerrr deh aka pengen hehehe..tapi klo liburan adventure gitu bawa 2 krucils kaya gini big NO NO

    disana autumn disini mau summer dan aku bete summer HK itu gaenak ;(


    1. Hello hello again mama Nisa! Uda lama tidak berkomen ria di blog😍 Iya Nis kl masih se Bazyl apalagi Keen, Labuan Bajo dan road trip around Sumbawa sepertinya bakal rempong pake ribet. Ntar aza kalo mereka uda gedean, uda lebih ngerti juga kan jadi semuanya bisa enjoy 😊

      Iya dsini uda masuk autumn tapi kdg temperature msh 25an. Summer HK sama summer Aus enakkan mana hayoooo…..😛


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