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I have been tagged on Facebook in honour of Mother’s Day to share ” All About Your First Born ” .  Since Mother’s Day was way passed, I thought I would share it on my blog. Emmy and Shinta already done it too, so here’s my turn! 😄


1. Epidural? Shit, yes!
2. Father in the room? Of course! Where else he should be?!
3. Induced? Yup!
4. Normal? Yup!
5. Due date? Bugger if I know.
6. Birth date? Thank God they decided to come out at the same day 24/04/04
7. Morning sickness? Hell yeah for 13 weeks every single day!
8. Cravings? Lamb Rogan Josh and Waitrose Cornish dairy ice cream
9. Kilos gained? 22 kilos! OMG!
10. Sex of the baby? Twin Princes
11. Place you gave birth? Birthing Suite Nottingham Hospital
12. Hours in labour room? 16 or 17 hours
13. Babies’ weight? 2.9kg & 2.52 kg
14. Babies name? Gollum and Stinky 😝
15. How old is your baby today? 13 going on 19!
16. Most memorable event during pregnancy? Most memorable event was not that nice though, but anyway I can’t forget it so I count it as most memorable:  I had bleeding at 28, 30, and 33 weeks.  Each episode required me being on bed rest at the hospital for three or five days, and the doctors and nurses didn’t really know what was it cause.  Thanks God, I was able to carry them full term for 38 weeks for twin pregnancy, yaay! 😛

Come on mamas! Let’s hear your story, copy and paste and change my answers to yours!

Happy Tuesday!


25 thoughts on “just for fun

  1. Huahhaha..😄 Gaya jawabnya itu loh.. Kocak abis!!! Tapi kamu hebat, Ri.. kembar bisa sampe 38 minggu gitu.. Aku ketawa sekali lagi ya: Gollum and Stinky..😝 Gak tau persis kenapa tapi pokoknya kocak deh..👍


    1. Hebat sik ga Em, emang mereka stubborn aza ga mo kluar2😝😝

      Itu Gollum kan salah satu character di Harry Potter ya, soalnya pas kluar babak belur gitu penampakkannya (mungkin krn ditarik pake thong) sementara si Stinky soalnya poop mlulu kerjaanya😷😷😜😜


        1. Bahahaaaa😝😝 melahirkan itu perjuangan bener yak, uda semua tangan suster/dokter masuk semua ke bagian yg tidak seharusnya disentuh oleh umum🤣🤣🤣 gitzu deh kl normal Shin.


    1. Di UK kalo ga ada masalah apa2, harus normal Fran meskipun kembar. Mungkin krn gratis semua kali yaks🙄😜 kcuali kl ada masalah dgn baby atau si ibu baru boleh C-section. Jadi aku ga ada pilihan😜

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