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Hola everyone!

I’ve been MIA for quiet a while on this blog. Well, I was hibernating during the winter season 😜  Actually my laptop went crazy so needed to bring it to the Apple doctor to get checked.  Thanks God, every thing is fixed now! Also, I can’t make a comment on the WordPress through my mobile phone.  Somehow it won’t appear on your feed, no matter how many times I have written or typed.  So annoying.  I apologise if I haven’t made any comments on your posts, because I normally only have time at night to sit in front of the computer, and by that time I usually either too tired to open my lap top or I am folding my mountain of laundry! Hashtag mumslife 🙄

I can’t believe that September is here, more than half of the year was gone! Sometimes it scares me that times have passed so fast in a blink of an eye.  Not much happening in our family, besides the daily grinds.  School, sports commitment, work, house chores, social life, and repeat.  Winter has just finished on this continent and spring has just sprung.  Blue skies, warm sunshines, birds singing, flowers blooming, and day is getting longer. I don’t mind spring.


On Saturday we woke up as early as 5.30 am, it’s so not us getting up that early on week-end! Just because we wanted to see the national air balloons championship in Northam which is about 1 hour driving from Perth.  Since this will be the last flight of the championships we didn’t want to miss it.  So, by 6 am we were already on the road.  When we were getting closer to Northam a thick layers of fogs just covered the whole area, it was very difficult to drive.  And as I predicted when we got to the airfield we hardly could see the balloons, damn damn damn!  In the end, we managed to get some shots that were as clear as we could get during that morning.  Oh well….not too bad!  You can see some of the pictures below.





After that we drove to the town called York and had brekkie at one of the cafe and had a bit of sight seeing of the town.  I’ve been to York many many times before, and I found  this little town is slowly becoming a ghost town.  Where are all those cute little gift stores and cafes gone??? I remember I took my mother, my aunty, and my best friend there long time ago when I just moved to Australia.

We then continued our journey four wheels driving into the rocky muddy road in the bush, I couldn’t see any other cars except us.  And suddenly the scenes of the Wolf Creek movie haunted me!  But darling hubby and son were no worried at all *sigh* We had picnic lunch bush style including some desserts after.



Sunday morning after church, I went to my friend house to learn to make home-made Kombucha!  Have you tried Kombucha? They are so good for your body and it is easy enough to make.  I might share how to make Kombucha in another post if you’re interested.

So, that was my week-end.  How about you? What did you do on the week-end?

Hope your Monday is sparkling and your Tuesday will be darling 😘




19 responses to “this mama’s life”

  1. Selalu suka liat foto2 camping mu deh ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Feb. Hubby always like the idea to go somewhere deep in the bush, and have a picnic!!🙄


  2. iya time flies like crazy. serem emang!!


    1. Indeed ya Man 👌🏻


  3. aaah sayang yah kabutnya tebel sekalii :((
    ngiri deh bisa picnic around the bushes gitu… huhuuu


    1. Hi Mia, iya in the beginning kabutnya tebal bgt, tapi pas uda hampir selesai baru deh si mentari muncul, typical.


  4. i think i’ll visit York when I’m goin to Perth Next month, keknya keren disana 😁


    1. Are you going to Perth next month? Holidaying? York is an old town, it’s ok to check it out but I won’t recommend staying a night there. Lemme know when you’re in Perth maybe we can meet up😘


      1. Yes mba. I’ll visit my pacar and his family if they approve my visa next month. I asked B last night bout York but he said it bit far to go there and we run out time too bcoz we have visit his fam in Adelaide. Sure mba, I’ll let you know soon 😍


  5. Yang gambar pertama itu, ladang apa , mbak? Keren bangettt.. Aku suka banget deh sama warna bunga kuning gitu… And as usual, kempingnya selalu seru yaa.. hihi


    1. Itu canola flower Inly. Canola farm buat dibikin minyak canola nantinya. Cakep ya kuningnya. Kita ga camping cuma lunch picnic aza di bush 😜😍


      1. Iya, aku suka banget ma warna kuning gitu.. Kemarin Febi juga ada posting di blognya, mirip tapi namanya rapeseed, aku sempat browsing bedanya rapeseed sama canola, gak mudeng habis baca haha..


        1. Kalau menurut wikipedia: Canola may refer to an edible and industrial oil (also known as canola oil) produced from the seed of any of several cultivars of rapeseed.

          Jadi sepertinya canola itu berasal dari bibir rapeseed. Jadi kurang lebih sama canola dan rapeseed. Cuma namanya aza beda di negara lain. Ini menurut pengertian sku yah dari hasil google juga😅


          1. Hehehe… bener juga.. Bisa jadi beda penyebutan di tiap negara ya.. Thankss buat infonya yaa..


  6. Aahhh, kereen balon udara 😍


    1. Yup, would be better if there wasn’t fog, Franny.


  7. Aku sukaaaa foto2 balon muuuu

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ma kasiiiii Noniiiii😘😘


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