a piece of paradise, kalimaya

It’s spring in Australia. But here in western australia we are having very wet wintery weather at the moment. I still need my sweater and jeans and we light the fire almost every night. Sometimes we light the fire  just for the ambience, while it’s actually not really cold 😀

In the wintery spring weather like this I am dreaming to be somewhere warm near the beach and a bit remote aka not so many people around. And I wish I could be in Sumbawa again, staying at this beautiful Kalimaya resort.

We accidentally found this hidden gem on our way to Labuan Bajo from Sumbawa Besar. Our ferry from Sape to Labuan Bajo was delayed almost 8 hours, without warning, of course. The full story about that you can read here. So, after all the alternatives way that we could think of, we decided to kill time in this resort. After about an hour got lost in bumpy and rocky winding  road, voila we finally got to  this beautiful secluded place!



Kalimaya resort is actually a dive resort. But of course, even though you don’t dive you still can stay at this gorgeous resort.  You can swim at the beach, snorkel, paddle board, walk the 400 meter sandy beach of their private bay, and of course dive.



The owner is a Canadian couple who are very friendly and accommodate. At that time we were there, they only have 7 or 8 bungalows. And they were building a new ones.

The place is untouched, raw, peaceful, and stunningly beautiful.  Each bungalow was constructed using materials from local farms on Sumbawa island.

I can imagine myself waking up to the sun rising over Komodo island and fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping on the ocean. Heaven!




Meanwhile, I am just gonna enjoy some of the pictures that I took while we were there six months ago and sharing them with you all.




gorgeous view from the dining room


s a n c t u a r y

Where would you prefer to spend your holiday? Are you a beach, mountain, or city person? Do you like crowd or peace and quiet place?     Care to share with me?

22 responses to “a piece of paradise, kalimaya”

  1. @nurulrahma says:

    I really wish that I can bring my family having our leisure and pleasure time there 🙂


  2. adelescarlet says:

    I would prefer to spend my holiday in the beach with peach and quite place. Sitting in the beach could help me to take out all sh*t in my mind.
    anyway, great pic mba 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  3. nyonyasepatu says:

    Mountain and city kayknya aku lbh suka. Kalau air2 sukanya danau. Haha. Tempatnya bagus ya Ri


  4. Puji says:

    Boleh pilih semua ga Mba Ria? Aku city girl, tapi suka air dan pegunungan juga hehehehe


  5. Wien says:

    Tempatnya cakep!


  6. cerita4musim says:

    benar-benar hidden gem yah resortnya, aku pengen deh balik lagi ke Sumbawa, keknya many things to explore cuman waktu itu malah kecelakaaan bus di Sumbawa dan jadi males banget bikin tripnya memorable, dan cepet2 ngelanjutin tripnya kabur ke pulau lain 😦
    Lihat postingan ini jadi pengen balik lagi…


    • ohdearria says:

      Omg! Serius Feb kecelakaan bus?? Tp emang iya, waktu kita ksana ada 2 minibus yg tabrakan juga. Mana jalan2 dsana msh yg berbatu batu dan berkelok kelok kan. I wish too we could go back to Sumbawa again😀


  7. aggy87 says:

    It does look like heaven mbak! I love going to places that are not so crowded, I really like countrysides and small towns 😀


  8. Cantiknyaaa 😍
    Kemana aja deh yang penting liburan *murahan 😜


  9. Lorraine says:

    Bagus tempatnya, gw bookmark. Gw suka pantai, gunung, kota besar, desa kecil. Yang penting bisa relax, jalan-jalan dan makan enak. Yang udah ngga lagi night life. Udah ngga kuat gw keluar malam dan ngga pingin juga sih 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • ohdearria says:

      Sama gw juga suka pantai, gunung, desa kecil dan city, Lo. Iya bener, sekarang night life uda ga heboh lagi. Dsini gw sesekali kalo ada undangan keluar malem itu juga. Kalo ga, paking dinner dan abis itu duduk ngupi or nge-wine.


  10. Ira says:

    aku suka pantai sama city tour mbak Ria….
    enak aja maen aer dan bengong di tepi pantainya.


  11. PiPin says:

    HEAVEN looks gorgeous im a beach person


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