have you ever felt like this way

Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try, you still can’t fit in in the society?

Have you ever so wanted to be in the circle that you thought they were a cool bunch of people and had similar style, interest, and philosophy of life as you but no matter what, they still won’t include you in the group?

Have you ever tried to blend in but you’re still standing alone?

Have you ever been in the situation whereas you don’t really ‘click’ but you’re most welcomed?

Have you ever felt alone and lonely in the crowd?

Well, I have.  I have felt all those feelings lately.  I’ve been feeling left out and used.

Perhaps, being solo parenting for such this long time and also at this special time of the year where family, and dearest and nearest friends are most needed, make me feeling a bit mellow.  I miss my family mostly at this time of the year, I don’t know why.  I miss being with my mother (and my brother even though he doesn’t speak much 😝) and I miss being at my crowded, polluted, corrupted, crazy home country.  Yes I do miss all those noises!

Today is just one of those days I suppose.  I will be okay.  I will always be.  Being just on my own keeps me strong.  I’ll be down for a while but then I’m going to be alright, as always….


11 thoughts on “have you ever felt like this way

    1. Thank you my bebe…you know how harsh pergaulan dsini sometimes it gets to me. Hopefully see you in a couple days ya😘😘 I miss youuu….you’re my only “balance” friend so far😝😝😍😍


  1. Huaaaa, semangat kak Ria!
    Jadi inget jaman2 awal masuk kuliah – blending in was a hard work! Tapi lama2 enjoy juga hehe. I hope you’ll find your comfort place soon!

    Btw, happy holiday!


    1. Hiiii thanks for dropping by here!😍 Yup, ga masa kuliah masa kerja masa hidup di negara orang kayak gini juga sometimes suka susah mau beradaptasi or mingle dengan circle yg kita mau, Sharon. But I guess that’s life, ga semuanya bisa sesuai dengan keinginan kita.

      Happy holidays to you too, gorgeous! When in Perth, give me a buzz ok✌🏻😘


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