adios 2017

In a few weeks we will say farewell to 2017.  I am personally glad to bid good bye to 2017.

Twenty-seventeen is a year of mixed feelings, it is a year of good and bad.  A year of not so lucky for my DH and I on the work stuff.  There had been backstabbing and monkey business going on and unemployment.  After two years working at the same company, I was unemployed,  because of the economy and retail situation the shop was forced to close.  Then I made a bad choice to accept a job that only lasted me for two months.  I have learnt my lesson pretty hard, both of us actually my husband and I.

Then the health scare that happened to DH, made me feel so lost, confused, and petrified.  So many tears shed, so much regrets surfaced.  It was a really hard time in my life so far.    To this day, I am still feeling so grateful and thank Lord for all His works and so blessed for what He’s done to us, to our family.  And I keep praying every day for the good health for DH and my family.

Despite those difficult times, we are lucky that DH still has a job until now and that my boys are happy, healthy, and doing alright at school, despite the ups and downs and couple letters from school 😅

We did our road trip around Lombok, Sumbawa, and Labuan Bajo, early this year, and I also went to Bangkok with my girlfriends in August this year.  We haven’t travelled as much as we used to and would like to this year, but I am still grateful and thankful that we are fortunate enough to do those trips. We still can enjoy little things in life, that’s the most important.

Instagram #bestnine 2017

So, yeah…I am happy to say adios to 2017 and hoping and praying that 2018 will be a better year for our family and all of you.

To cheer up a bit – I feel a bit sad writing this post – here’s a little video of our time in Dunsborough recently, to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary back in November.  My clever darling boys recorded and compiled it together, I think they did a better job than me! 😃

This video doesn’t exist


Before I forget, Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it, and a wonderful Happy New Year to all!  Life is short and I hope to find happiness in all of it.  Cheers to practising gratitude every single day and thank you for being here!




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