Twenty 18

I guess it is not too late yet to say, happy New Year everyone!  Where ever you are and what ever you do, I hope you have a good relaxing time with your loved ones.  My family and I spent our New Year’s eve in very very low key. We had lovely dinner and went to see the fireworks at the bank of the river before midnight. Then came back to the house, and just chilled near the fire and sipped wines, drank beers, and hot chocolates for the boys, and ate cheese, biscuits, nuts from the platter while serenading by the sweet songs and guitar played, waiting to bid sayonara to 2017.

Despite of ups and downs, victories and defeats, 2017 has been nothing short of an adventure with plenty of joy and laughter. I am so thankful and grateful for the little tribe of mine, always.

On new year’s day we were off to a little town called Edenhope where my DH was born. We are spending couple days here, yabbing, more drinking and lots of yabbering yabbering. It’s summer holidays in Australia but the weather is pretty mild, windy and a bit cold. I still need my jumper during the day!

I don’t really have new year’s resolution as always. But perhaps while I’m still in the new year mode on, this 2018;

  •  I’d like to commit more to my yoga and do more gym exercise. I’d like to be more toned and probably lost a kilo or two, would be a bonus.
  • I will try hard to less judging people, but also will avoid people who are only bring negative vibes and shallow as a shower.
  • I will read more and less play on my social medias.
  • I will do more ironing and less taking selfies!
  • I will try my best to provide and cook more healthy food for my little family.

Okaaay, I think that will be enough resolutions and let’s see if I can achieve them all or part of it!!😜

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you for reading my so not important and perfect rants on this platform and following my so not posh pictures either on Instagram or FB. Thank you for the friendship that we have built through the social medias. Let us blogging and posting beautiful stories and gorgeous pictures without putting others down in whatever ways. Come on it’s 2018, let’s start fresh!

Love from Edenhope. 2/1/2018

12 responses to “Twenty 18”

  1. Happy New Year to you mbak! May you have a great year and love your resolutions 😊 good luck with them!

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    1. Thank you Aggy! As for my resolutions, let’s see…i normally don’t do resolutions 😜😍


  2. Happy new year ria!


  3. Sebelum baca tulisannya, aku loncat lihat foto. Karena itu aku pikir Edenhope itu julukan romantis utk nama tempat, taunya namanya memang Edenhope beneran😄 Oh suddenly I feel so silly 😜


    1. Edenhope does sounds romantic Em!!😍

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  4. Happy new year too Mbak Ria. Wishing you a lovely adventure this year.


    1. Hi Ail, back at you happy new year to you too! 😘

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  5. Happy new year too Kak Ria and good luck with your 2018 resolutions 🙂


    1. Happy New Year to you too Adele, best wishes for 2018 😘

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  6. happy new year to you and salam kenal ya 🙂

    aku ikut resolusi yang nomor satu, but i need to lose more kg than yours…hikssss…


    1. Hi Yessi, salam kenal balik😘 Ma kasih ya uda mampir ksini😀 And happy new year to you too.

      Ahahaaa yup mari kita get toned together!💪💪


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