this mama’s life #1

Hello everyone!  After almost a month off blogging I’m back again.  Holidays are over, my boys went back to school last week.  They are in year 9 now which is the last year of middle school.  I can’t believe that next year they are going to high school….oh my God sometimes time does fly so quick!

By the way, before I continue…just want to let you know that from now on I’m going to update my life as a mama on this blog with the caption as above but with a number (#1, #2, and soon) . It’s not so important but make it easy for me to look back if I need to find something.

Now back on…

So, school starts, we are back in the routine, lunch boxes on again, no more sleeps in, all other sports activities and commitments also back again (except for swimming, rain or hail, holidays or not it’s still going…sigh!)

Somehow I’m glad that the long summer holidays are over.  We did went over to the eastern state during Christmas/New Year for two weeks, then we just stayed at home after that.  My DH went back to work not long after New Year and left me with two teenagers boys for the rest of the school holiday….yaaay! 😏

Some days we were good, busy went here and there but some days we  just mucked around at home, which was fine by me, but often not with the boys.  They would say, “I’m bored, can we do something?”  Then I would ask what do you wanna do?  They didn’t know, just leave it all to my brain, rattled with what to do what to do.  Aaaanddd… wasn’t easy to make both of them happy and agreed on one thing.  One wanted to wake boarding one wanted to snorkel, one wanted to see the A movie, the other wanted to see B movie.  Oh my Lord!  It was really spinning my brain and head!

Not to mention, every time we went out, we would also spent some $$ . A bit here a bit there and not even a week gone my weekly budget.  Soo….yeah I’m quiet happy that school is on.  Back to the routine (though I’m not so keen on getting up at 5 in the morning couple times a week!), back to eating healthy and no gadget policy before homework is done, and go to bed early.  Phewww… as much as routine is sometimes mundane, but I personally like routine!?

How about you guys?  Do you like routine, even though sometimes it feels so boring? Do your children have some routine?

On another note, when all these sports and other activities are back I also find it a bit hard.  Some days it’s a bit tricky for me to transport one kid to here and the other to there at the same time. Especially in the early morning and when someone doesn’t want to co-operate, whoaaa….I really feel like a mad mama cow gone wild! Often I think, are these really important?  How if they just don’t have all these sports commitment??  Or maybe just drop one or two things?  Is it gonna make their life easy, lazy, and unfit?? Or they will be just ok?  I don’t know.

At the end of the day, while they still enjoy and like to do all these sports thingy as a mother I can only give my support 100% and while I’m at the moment not working I feel blessed that I can be their mum’s taxi and endless food supplier.  In three or four years later I’ll be begging and desperate to spend time together since they probably rather spending their time with their friends and already can drive themselves every where!

That’s all this mama’s rant for this time, hope you all have a good and relax week-end!

Til next time,


9 thoughts on “this mama’s life #1

    1. Iya Franny, kalo bisa dari kecil uda mulai diajarin utk membatasi pemakaian gadgets, kalau ga makin besar makin susah.
      Hebat si ga, but I gotta survive jadi ya gitu deh sometimes can be a mad mama cow hahaaa…..😜😝

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Kerjaan emak-emak gak ada abisnya ya, Ria..😄 Aku sekarang lagi nyoba pergi sama Bear ke sana sini naik bis dan gak pake stroller.. Baru nyoba sekali ke mall terdekat.. Lumayan sukses.., si Bear gak ngamuk, dia sangat senang dikasih kebebasan buat jalan kaki😄


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