Today is 14 years ago, when I spent almost 24 hours on the labour bed waiting for both of you to enter the world. But all the pains and uncomfortable feelings I had during those long hours was transformed into excitement, joy, and happiness once I held you both in my arms.

Fast forward 14 years later, here you two, not yet a fully grown men but teenagers with lots of energies and attitudes, positive and negative ones, so it balances I think? Though I would prefer just a good ones, but hey nobody perfect and I love you no matter what. But I do wish that parenting comes with a manual, so your father and I know what to do and when to be stern and when to give in. So that we both don’t always wondering and arguing, whether we are doing the right thing or not.

Happy 14 years young my precious boys. I can’t be more grateful that I’m blessed with both of you in my life. You both filled our days with lots of enjoyment, proudness, but also worries and sometimes stress a bit! I’m your mother, first and foremost, but we are great friends, though sometimes I can’t understand your jokes 🤔 As your mother and friend I tried to make you both feel less anxious and steer you in a better direction.  You  both can always tell me what is on your mind, your worries and fears and hopes, and in return you will get my whole heart, open and wide and safe.

I wish both of you a good health, happiness, and that you always chase your dreams, do things that you love, but also be humble and kind to everyone.

Be brave, be wild (but not too wild, please) and stay forever hungry for knowledge, adventure, art, and love.  And last but not least, always be nice and look after each other!

And thank you for cooking lasagnas and serving out for those less lucky than you, on your special day. You two are my angel!


Love you both equally,

Mummy ❤️

16 responses to “fourteen”

  1. happy birthday twins!
    wow… that’s a very nice way to celebrate their birthday! 🙂


  2. Happy birthday to the twins!


    1. Thank you Dixie😘


  3. Happy B’day kembar…:)


  4. Happy Birthday twiins!


    1. Thank you Adele 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Aduh, pagi2 baca tulisan ini jadi mewek berkaca2 mataku. Time flies ya Ria. Selamat ulang tahun Kembar! Semoga sehat dan bahagia selalu. Selamat juga untukmu Ria dan suami.


    1. Halooo Den! Uda lama ga perna muncul di blogosphere nih😍 Ma kasi ya. Aku selalu inget deh, Denny kali baca tulisan aku yg ultah gini pasti berkaca kaca bawaannya 😍😍 But yes, sometimes I also have tears in my eyes watch them growing up😘


      1. Masih nulis kok Ria, ya walaupun intensitasnya gak kayak dulu lagi. Banyak banget yg pengen ditulis, tapi antara tangan dan yg diotak ga singkron hahaha waktu 24 sekarang kayaknya ga cukup lagi.


  6. Aaah baca ini jadi pengen punya anak ahahaha happy birthday boys semoga selalu happy and healthy 😍


    1. Hahaaa sanaaa bikin anak dweeeh😜😜😝😝 Ma kasiii tante Stella😘


  7. Happy birthday, Twins.. Gak berasa yah.. Perasaan pertama kali follow blognya mbak Ria itu, twins waktu itu umurnya 11 tahun..


    1. Waah berarti uda 3 tahun ya Inly kita berteman via sosmed??😍 Iya, prasaan baru aza anterin mereka masuk SD eh sekarang uda kelas 9 aza.


  8. Happy birthday twin boys.
    Selalu terharu jika mengingat anak kembarku saat mereka kecil, sekarang udah gede aja 😊, kadang terkaget kaget sendiri


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