the copy cat: friend or foe

I used to get angry when someone drew the same thing as me in Kindergarten.  If you were grown up in Indonesia in 70s, you probably knew the standard kindy kids drawing back then; a mountain, with big smiley sun shines, clouds, trees along the road, a house….remember? 😛 When I was in my teenager era, I didn’t like it if someone wore the same dress/skirt as me.  I was lucky my mother was a dressmaker so she always made my dress, and even my wedding gown!  I always like to be a bit different than others, not eccentric but just not too main stream if you know what I mean.

We all have our celebrities crush or movie stars that we like their hair styles or dresses/bags, you name it,  and we try to have it or copy it.  Which is OK.  That’s what TREND is right?  At the moment in Australia, the trend is puffy pom pom sleeves jumper.  I have one and so maybe thousand of people have it too.  But some people might not like the pom pom jumper because it’s not their style, it’s not their personality wearing big pom pom sleeve and etc. Which is understandable and accepted.  Because you don’t need to follow the trend just because.  It shows that you have your own character, style, and personality.

I have my circle of friends who we all are into blue and white chinas and plants.  We often go shopping together, hunting for our passion things.  And sometimes our hunt is not always to the nice delicate gift shops, but also including rather bushy and scary neighbourhood 😂 Sometimes we may have the same plants or same ginger jar.  It is OK because we all are into IT.  We take care, look after our collection with pride…😆 😂 My friends and I are sometimes have the same tops or dresses, so I don’t mind, as long as we don’t wear it at the same time same place 😝

It’s a different story when someone or people trying to imitate most of whatever you wear, have, or even the places you go!  I find it’s kind of sick (and scary a bit)  like in the Single White Female movie. To be honest, I don’t feel flattering when I am being copied in mostly every thing I do or have.  I do not hate but I am definitely not excited.  I do not think it’s funny, when I go to the B shop in the morning and in the afternoon the copy cat pops in at the same shop.  And it doesn’t happen just once, – because you may say it’s ” coincidentally ” – but most of the time.

I know you all probably would think I’m a bitch, over reacted, or whatever you have in your beautiful mind.  But I also have the right to feel this way.  I find it  a n n o y i n g!  Because I like to follow the trends too, I like to see my celebs crushes’ make up, dress style, home, etc, I like and follow some of the influencers on Instagram, I copied some of my friends’ stuff too.  But I apply it based on my character/personality.  And I don’t stalk them or visit the same shop the day after or the hours after, like….seriously??

At the end of the day, I know this is not a first world problem, it’s just my stupid ranting on useless point.  There’s nothing I can do unless I want to ruin every thing.  So, I guess I am winning because I am being copied 🤣 💪🏼 I am instantly an Influencer without even trying!✌🏼

How about you? Have you ever experienced the same as above story? If you do, can you please share the tips to avoid it or at least to feel less annoying but more flattering? 😍



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Hi I'm Ria! A hippie heart and gypsy soul mama who loves plants, yoga, blue and white chinas, thrifty finds, occasionally I like to bake and cook something delicious for my teenager twin boys and le hubby. On this blog, I'm mostly rambling about my every day life as a mama, wife, and human being, sharing my piece of mind and some good and not so good photos. Because I'm not a professional photographer or blogger. Just a blogger mama wanna be!😜 So, if you like what you find here please stay with me. If you don't, just close this page and no rude comment, as simple as that. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy reading my stories. xx

9 thoughts on “the copy cat: friend or foe

  1. Ria, ngeri sih kalau sampe ada yang niru dan stalking segala kegiatan kita. Terobsesi banget ya nampaknya. Aku dulu pernah merasa seperti ini waktu awal2 pindah ke sini. Aku jarang upload apa2 di FB kan. Kalau upload di FB atau IG (dulu waktu masih punya) pun ga real time. Eh ada satu orang kenalan di sini suka ngikutin apa yang ku upload. Dari masak apa, pergi ke mana, sampai yang ga masuk akal ikut2an ngeblog di WP (padahal aku tahu dia ga suka nulis). Demi apa coba. Aku risih sih jadinya. Akhirnya aku block dia.


    1. Terobsesi seoertinya kata yg tepat ya Den. Tapi jgn lah terobsesi sama akoooh! Naah yg ini kasusnya mirip dengan temen kamu itu Den. Ikutan apa yg aku lakuin padahal dia ga suka. Sepertinya cenderung ke ga mau kalah mungkin ya? Entah lah tapi yg jelas nyebelin. Kadang aku coba berdamai dengan diri sendiri; ya uda lah berarti dia tersepona sm aku sampe plek ketiplek gitu ngikutinnya. Tapi ga bisa, namanya juga aku manusia sebel juga lah dan juga aga takut lama2, apalagi kl aku ke toko yg sama dia siangnya ke toko itu jugak🙈🙈 Masalahnya aku ga bisa or blom siap utk block dia Den, scara org ini vocal dan ganknya besar di community Indonesia. Aku blom siap utk dimusuhin satu community lagi kayak jaman duluuuu hiiikkssss🤪🤪


  2. Orang itu ngefans pastinya sama mbak Ria, sampe rela copy semuanya. Mengganggu, pasti. Mengerikan, iya. Aku tipe gak peka, jadi entah gak ngeh / gak sadar kalo ada yg copy. Tapi sih, semoga gak ada. Kalo aku di posisi Mbak Ria, makin aku ‘panasin’ orang itu dengan berbagai cara. Hahaha. Dasar kompor ya aku 😅


  3. Kalau semua2nya di copy yah emang agak males sih hehe. Kalau aku sih ngerasa yg copy2 itu antara emang suka niru atau gak mau kalah. Di circle aku bny tuh yg kek gitu. Gak mau kalah trus apa yg kt lakukan dia jg mau. Jadinya mauan haha


    1. Naah bener itu Non, sepertinya si cenderung ke ga mau kalah ya. Karna merasa lebih dari mampu so noone can beat me, if she has it I have to, meski ga cucok, ga hobinya. Nyebelin kadang Non! Sakit jiwa kalo aku bilang. Semoga dia one day bakalan capek!


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