restless soul

In this part of the world where I live, spring is in the air.  Although some mornings and nights are still chill, but at least the sun shines and the flowers bloom.  I can say bye bye to turtle neck and thick jumpers, finally! I can’t believe that more than half of the year has gone already.  Time flies whether you have fun or not!

Since living in Australia, I am more into winter season than summer. Don’t get me wrong, I still love the sunshine, the beach, and tanned skin.  But summer in Western Australia sometimes can be so brutal with temperature raises around 39-40 degree, the day is just too hot to go outside but too sticky to be inside.  Especially if you don’t have the air conditioning.  Or you have the AC but your other half is too stingy and more into au naturale!

As much as I love winter, the cold air, rainy days, warm coffee, hot meals, and long nights, this past winter I got what you called the winter slump or winter blues.  Too many grey and gloomy days, made me feel slightly depressed.  Perhaps it was not depressed, but more to anxious and feeling down.

I’ve been pretty happy ( with my own life) and I am so grateful for my little family and our life.  That we are healthy and le hubby has job.  I’ve been pretty busy being a mum’s taxi, nutritionist, mental and physical supports for each member of our family.  I am running my own company, being my own boss.  Being a full time mother.

But I also have dreams that one day I hope I can make it real.  Maybe not all of them but one or two.  But I also feel like I am running out of time.  And me being me,  if I want something I want it pronto, I can’t wait.  I’ve been dealing with these feelings, these dreams of mine for so long.  And I can’t see the good way out.  Every thing I want to do have risks.  It’s not impossible but it will take some times, and big efforts.

Then I feel frustrated and anxious.  Then feel sorry for myself.  Blah! And the worse probably I feel envy to the world.  To those who can achieve their dreams, can live the life they want.

While I still haven’t found the solution, and still chasing my own dreams, I found this thingy below about how to deal when you feel anxious.  So I thought I would share, it works for me so it may work for you too.


  • Go outside. Being outdoor, walk my dog,  always do me good whenever I feel sad or grumpy.
  • Ask for help, it’s a bit difficult for me to ask for help here.  I just don’t trust some people.  Few closed friends I have I would trust them but to ask for help for what? For my non-sense misery gut ? Or just my whinging? They always think I’m ok, happy, cheerful, so they rarely ask am I ok? So ask for help I would skip it for me. But if you have good and reliable community, do so ask for their help.
  • Create something, I create my own happiness with my pot plants and cuddle my four legs buddy a lots! 😝
  • Write about my feelings, I am doing it now.
  • Stay present, ….. and get real, I suppose ✌🏼
  • Find positive distraction, like reading books, taking photos, going to the beach, window shopping,  etc.
  • Drink water and take a deep breath, I do it every time any time.

As a human being I suppose it’s normal to feel the way I am feeling right now.  Some days I feel ok other days I feel so frustrated.  But then life is not always merry all the time too.  What I see on my Instagram feeds might not always real.  What I see in someone else’s life perhaps not always colourful too.  Everybody has their own struggle, whether it’s  real or not.  C’est la vie.


8 thoughts on “restless soul

  1. Aku pun pada akhirnya gak setuju dengan ask for help setelah melewati proses panjang curhat ke sahabat pun ternyata gak ngasih solusi. Aku setuju dengan menuliskan perasaan. Psstt, kalo aku biasanya di draft email yang pertama kupunya dari jaman SMA. Bersyukur dan berdoa emang udah paling bener deh. Biar tetap waras. Btw, baca post ini, aku jadi merasa gak sendiri saat rasa yg gak enak muncul ke permukaan. TFS.


    1. Aahhh aku pun merasa jadi punya teman ternyata ga cuma aku aza yg suka galau😝😝 Betul si, bersyukur dan berdoa adalah yg terbaik. Kalo selalu liat keatas soalnya jadi ga perna merasa bersyukur ya Fran. Than you for reading😘

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  2. Bbrp waktu lalu aku jg punya masalah dgn kecemasan.. Solusinya: hhm, ditulis lalu kirim ke orang yang dipercaya. Cemas itu takut pd hal yang Unknown (krn unknown bingung kan atasinnya gimana). Untuk temen cerita, cari yang sabar dan bisa ngasih sudut pandang yang logis, jadi kita bs milah mana yang patut ditakutin (dan cari solusi) dan mana yang bisa dibuang aja ke laut.
    Anw, skrg org yang alami anxiety itu meningkat salah satunya karena gadget. Detox gadget oke uga..


  3. Sometimes I feel something similar to this, but for me it’s a bit more like feeling unfulfilled. It doesn’t make it easy when we see other people’s highlights, but I’m learning how to step back and focus on myself instead. The things you share are definitely working for me, especially being outdoors. Hang in there Mbak and hope things will be better soon 🙂


    1. Hi Dixie, yup I feel kinda like unfulfilled too. I don’t know, feel like trapped and it’s frustrated. But, you are right, I agree with what you said, maybe I have to focus on myself and my family. Anyway, thanks for your words. And I’m glad that I’m not the only one feeling like this. xx


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