unplug for the better version…of me?

Sometimes life can be so frustrated. Or maybe more like, I myself that feel frustrated about life.

Every little things that don’t matter (and not important I suppose for people who have real life) just seems don’t work well with me. And that drives me mad….and frustrated.

I can’t really tell you what it is actually that annoying me so much lately. Because I know it is silly and so shallow and vein of me. It’s something that I can’t control. And again, that makes me frustrated 😜 And it’s not about people or person who I think tries hard to imitate my life, not at all😝 I kinda let it go and accept that somebody loves and adores me so much🤪🤪

At the moment I can’t handle social media, especially IG pretty good. There you go. I’ve given you a hint😉 So, I’m thinking, just thinking, not even sure that I can do it. I am thinking to have hiatus from IG. It means I won’t post anything on my IG account for a while until I get my brain works properly and better.

I am not 💯 % sure I can do it since I love IG…more than FB, teehee 😜 And I genuinely love to see pictures from my dearest and nearest friends (and those amazing plants photos) on IG. So, who am I kidding, I might fail miserably to try to disappear from the so called Instabloodygram🤪

This is just my stupid not so important rambling that you don’t need to take it serious anyway. Maybe I need a little holiday, because getting up before 5AM every morning and running around like mad cow before even 8AM every single day….definitely not my cuppa tea and kinda shock my entire Ommmmmm!

I’m just a damn tired mama with so much manna!

Hope your day is fabulous and that you won’t get sucked to the world full of nonsense.

Namaste bloggers!🙏🏼

Author: ohdearria

Hi I'm Ria! A hippie heart and gypsy soul mama who loves plants, yoga, blue & white chinas, & thrifty finds. I like to bake and cook something delicious (and healthy) for my twin boys and le hubby. I have golden retriever dog named Sammy, and couple of love birds. I take my boys to sports as early as 5 in the morning and on the weekend. On this blog, I'm mostly rambling about my every day life as an everyday mama, wife, and human being who live in the suburbs. I love sharing snippets about my family, our adventures and holidays. So, if you like what you find here please stay with me. If you don't, simply just close this page. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you enjoy reading my stories. xx

10 thoughts on “unplug for the better version…of me?”

  1. Semoga detox IG nya bisa membawa suasana hati dan pikiran jadi lebih baik ya Ria. Menepi sebentar dari riuhnya media sosial dan menapak dengan sadar di dunia nyata.


    1. Iya Non, aku kadang kalo kebabyakjan ngeliatin hidup orang2 di dunia IG jadi merasa ga perna bersyukur dengan hidup aku which is so bad of me. Makanya aku perlu detox kayaknya.


    1. Ga detox sih Fran, cuma mengurangi ngeliatin hidup Ig-gram para selebgram. Kadang amaze gitu koq bisa ya liburan teruuuuus koq bisa ya beli barang2 mahal tanpa harus kerja? Just wondering aza sik. Trus kadang kl lagi melow jadi ga bersyukur dengan hidup sendiri. Shouldn’t be like that.


        1. Manusiawilah punya rasa begitu, mbakk. Percaya aja, apa yg kita lihat belum tentu sama dengan kenyataannya. Aku sering nemu yg begitu. Medsos buatku seru sih, yg membawa aura negatif / nyebelin / gak asik gak akan aku follow. Biar hidup gak makin senep liat dia lg dia lg. Hehe.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Mungkin tergantung yang difollow apa ya mba.. aku dulu setop follow akun yg isinya bling bling bela beli dan sekarang cuma follow sebagian besar IG hewan, macro, landscape, dkk. Adem dan tenang terus..


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