my green lovers

I used to think that gardening or plants are just for old people.  I mean, when you are 60 and above, then it’s the kind of thing you would do to kill time.  I often admired my late mother in law’s  garden and amused with all her colourful petunias.  I always love pretty garden though, but I only like to look at it, I had no intention to dip my fingers into those dirty soils.  Le hubby would do all the dirty works for me😜

I used to buy fresh flowers for my home because I think it is nice to have some flowers in the house, it looks pretty and add an aesthetic touch to my home.  I used to buy orchids too.  But all of these fresh flowers and orchids don’t last for long.  Orchids would flowers then either dead or it would take ages until it flowers again.  Fresh flowers only last for maximum a week or two, then they will die.  Plus they are pretty expensive too for my wallet.

Our outdoor gardens mostly fill with native plants as le hubby is pretty stingy with water and Australian native plants don’t require lots of water😛 . Le hubby was in charge of the garden thingy.  When he was away for work, he always reminded me to water the pot plants and I often ignored his request until couple hours before he landed then I would watering like mad woman 😝

I am not sure when I exactly started to be interested in plants, perhaps a year or two years ago. Maybe that’s a signal of getting older? 😜 If I’m not wrong my first plants that I bought were Monstera and Fig plants.  I bought them at Ikea for just $5 and it was pretty small.  Now, they’re growing pretty big and tall.  Some of my plants are also cuttings that my girl friends generous enough to share them with me.  I discovered that I actually have a green thumb!

But don’t get me wrong, some plants are also died on me.  String of pearls, they don’t really like me.  Twice I bought and both were dead.  My Calladium was dead when I went for holiday and my neighbour who looked after our house watered it too much.  I tried to grow it back again with no luck.  So, it’s not the end of the world if you kill a plant.  It’s an excuse to choose a new one!


I like green leaf plants rather than the one with flowers.  Because again, flowers will bloom and then die.  So, green leafs are my favourite. I also like succulents and cactus.  I’m actually a cactus mad fans much to le hubby dislike! He thinks cactus is a pest! I learn about plants, how to look after them, get inspired, get informed, and get green with my own plant styling at home by reading here and there, asking the more experienced people, and following some accounts on Instagram.  I still need to learn a lot.  My skill is just so basic.

 I find peace and enjoyment thru my green lovers. I love to see the new growth, or the leaf that just open up.  Not too mention the pretty pots oh my! Although some of them are pretty expensive too.  Few of my pots are thrifty, I found them at my neighbours’ garage sale, yeah I can be that cheap tee hee… I envy my friends who live in Indonesia, for plants there are way way cheaper than in here, right? And some plants are actually suited for the tropical climate so to grow it here in western Australia can be a challenge.

So, if you are interested in plants start with an easy ones to look after first.  Succulents, mother in law, monstera, spider plants, devil’s ivy,  they are hard to kill.  When you first buy a plant leave it in its pot for a while, do not repotted straight away.  Your new plant needs some time to adjust to its new home. When repotting, use premium potting mix  and only repot into a pot that’s 1-2 sizes bigger than it’s in now.  Make sure soil completely dry out between watering (by sticking your finger right in or buy the PH moisture measure gadget).  Don’t forget to rotate your plants.


I am no expert in all plants but I do know what works for the plants I have.  So if you do things different, that’s wonderful and would love to hear.  I am just sharing what I do, so please be kind.

Happy planting!


6 responses to “my green lovers”

  1. Waooww you are very inspire me 🙂
    I just started buy some flowers. Maybe next i’ll buy green plant ^_^


    1. Ahhh so glad that you feel inspired by my post. Flowers are pretty too, if you love flowers that’s great.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wuihhh seger banget Ria seluruh rumah hijau. Jadi berasa nyaman, adem dan seger ya rasanya (dan aku lihatnya). Kalau aku sukanya tanam menanam yang bisa dimakan haha. Kalau tanaman begini belum tertarik kecuali di dalam rumah, itupun beberapa saja yang sekarang malah sedang kami kurangi. Kalau di luar rumah, nanam2 yg bisa dimakan. Tapi sementara cuti dulu. Tahun depan mungkin mulai tanam menanam lagi.


    1. Yang bisa dimakan ada juga dikebhn belakang Den. Lupa ga ke foto😜 Yg bisa
      Dimakan aku selalu yg pasti ada itu adalah cabe, kale, spring onions, herb2an, lemon, dan tomatoes. Dsana uda mulai musin dingin ya Den? Jadi taneman juga hiatus selama winter?


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