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It’s been a few months since my last post on this blog.  And now it’s already December and only less than  a week before Christmas!  My gosh this year is gone so fast, I can’t believe it!

Well, at the moment, in the middle of state swimming championship, I tried to sit back and take stock of things and write up what’s been going on around me.  I wish I could share some exciting news but I got none of that! My life is just cruising along at a good speed.  Sometimes the speedo meter goes a way bit faster than what I expect though, and that will create chaos in my day to day life 🙄

So, what been happening in this mama life lately?


  • My mum came to visit us.  Yes, my mum came here in the early September and spent almost three months with us. If  I’m not wrong it’s been almost 3 years since her last visit.    I felt really blessed and grateful when my mum was here.  Not only that she helped me a lot with the laundry stuff but also I have someone to talk to and to whinge at.  My boys were so happy to see their Oma again. Now that she has returned to Jakarta, suddenly the house feels a bit empty and my laundry starting to pile up again 🙄

  • Summer school holiday is here.  My boys finished year 9 as early as December 4th.  School reports came with very good result for one and so so for the other one. Next year, they will be in year 10, can you believe that? My two little monkeys are not so little anymore.  And for your information, 2018 is the year I was overtaken by my darling boys to become the shortest in our family 🙄

  • In the early November, I went to Melbourne for girls trip for 3 days.  It was a good trip and I really enjoyed  catching up with my sister in law and some of our relies.  Melbourne is always my favorite city in Australia ❤️ not to mention a bit of retail therapy and restaurants hopping, love love love ❤️❤️ 

  • We managed to sneak in a mini holiday to Jurien Bay for 3 nights before the state swimming started.  We had 5 boys in total, and let them ran amok in the bush, dirt-biking, and swam a lot in the sea.  It was a wonderful week-end! (ps: excuse the photos of the boys. that’s the only ‘reasonable’ one that I could find)

Other than that, this mama life is still the same.  Getting up as early as 4.45 am for rowing, swimming, and basket ball training 5 times a week, taking the boys here and there, busy being their nutritionist and life coach, together with their father.  

Now that school holiday is officially ON, I can relax a bit.  A bit I say, because we still have this stupid State Swimming Competition that started on  last Saturday until Tuesday. I say stupid because why you have state championship in the middle of school holidays at the end of the year when you either busy preparing for Christmas or travelling, or just not in the mood for competing.  It’s a festive season for holy sake!  So, four days in the row my twin #1 and I will be back and forth to HBF stadium.  If he makes it to the final, it means we gotta go back again to compete in the evening….story of our life!  I can’t wait until this swimming thingy finish and then the real holiday is starting, woohoo!  Swimming training will have a break for two weeks….yay better than nothing!  Til then I will try hard to be a good girl, so Santa will get me LOADS of pressies,  (and Santa knows what I really really want at the moment!) one can only hope and pray 🙏🏻

Okay I better hit the sack.  Gotta get up early for swimming (what else?!) tomorrow.  Last day of competition….hooray! 

I hope you all had a good week-end, and not long until Christmas now!



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