thank you for blessing 2018

Two thousand eighteen is almost done and dusted.  It has been a good year for our family with good health and steady work for le hubby. So, thank you 2018. It has also been a busy year for the boys with all the sports and school activities.  Good reports at the end of the school year as a bonus.  I’m really grateful, thankful and feeling so blessed for the 2018.

Over this holiday I’ve been so lazy and just chillax.  I’m enjoying the sleep-ins and slow morning, eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee while chatting with my boys and le hubby and playing with our pets.  We spent Christmas with le hubby’s family, ate and drank too much, and played silly games over and over 😝 On boxing day we went to Penguin Island in Rockingham, spent the day kayaking, swimming, and sun bathing.

Beach, swim, walk, eat, and repeat.  That’s our summer so far.

As for resolution for 2019, I have none.  Perhaps, if I could wish for 2019; I wish I could find more time blogging because I’ve (automatically) paid for another year for the subscription on this blog, so I should not waste it! And if the universe agrees with all my situation and condition, I would like to go back to work force again, just casual or part time would do, I think 🙏🏻   And my other wish is for me to have more patience and tolerance to face idiots, super vein and shallow persons around me.  While I can’t unfriend them (in real life and social media) but I hope I don’t have to deal with them so often.  I want my 2019 fills only with good vibes and less irritating people surround me.  Because I cherish my brain capacity and sanity, so much! 🤓

So, what are you up to for New Year’s Eve? Whatever you do, please stay safe and take extra careful.  We’ll be spending the end of 2018 in a very low key, heading to the beach with fish and chips and salad for dinner, teehee…😛

2018 the year I’m overtaken by my darling boys to become the shortest in the family!

So, happy new year everyone!  Thank you for following, reading, and commenting, on my ramblings, I do appreciate it so much.  I hope 2019 brings us light, love, happiness and health.  Nothing else matters.


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