don’t judge me

Hello again internet! As usual, I haven’t been blogging since….maybe last January after my Vietnam’s post. I’m lying if I say I don’t have time or I was busy.  Yes, my life is busy enough even though I don’t work in “the real working place” like most of you do.  But, trust me, running errands and chores around the house, plus managing two teenage boys with their sports activities and social life, it’s a full-on JOB.

So yeah, I probably have time to blog if I want to and if I’m diligent enough to spare my precious time between this and that, and not just scrolling around Instagram until my thumb numbed, eyes hurt, and my feeling is bruised with envy looking at that glossy life of influencers who are always on holidays to exotic tropical countries or pretty vintage European ones.

Okay… there’s no point to be jealous to those jet-setters on social media.  Because that’s not the real-life anyway, in my humble opinion heheheee…. 😝 I just have to admit that I’m lazy to blog, that sometimes I have no idea what to write.  Or I’m afraid to write what I want to write because I’m scared of the reactions/comments or no comments at all, hahaaa!

Anyhow, last week at my boys swimming carnival, le hubby had to time-keeping and sat together with one of the mums from the boys’ school.  Her son is excellent in everything, and she’s a working mum as well.  Upon talking about boys sports, she asked my hubby if I (me, Ria) understand about all these sports things that our boys are doing and get involved with it.  For a while, le hubby didn’t really know what she meant, but then he replied, “of course she does, she’s running everything in the house and boys activities, I’m just being told to do this and that”   

I don’t really understand what she means by me, understanding about the boys’ sports/activities.  But her statement made me curious. Plus, she added too, “my Asian family can not understand my boys’ sports activities” So, does she mean because I am Asian so I don’t get involved with my boys’ sports activities? Or just because I am Asian and I am labelled like some the stereo-type Asian mums, who for whatever reasons very rarely be seen or involved in their children sports activities, unless it’s the academic ones?

Whatever she means by her statement, I feel a tiny bit offended.  Because I DO understand what is going on with my boys’ world, not only in sport but other aspects of their life.  Being single parenting when le hubby is away, I am mostly dealing with every single thing my boys do.  I send letters or emails to their teachers/school if needed.  I try to attend most of their school events and other sports outside of school.  I drop and pick them up to/from sport training and bla bla blaaaa….. I know and 100% aware of what is going on in their life!

Just because I don’t always update the status on social media based on my boys’ activities or achievements, does not mean I do not understand what’s going on.  Just because I don’t work and earn money, does not mean I’m just laying around the whole day on the couch and watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians.  So lady, please don’t judge me when you don’t even really know me.

A couple of days ago, it was the International Women’s Day… here’s to not being so judgemental and slammed other women, just because they have a different approach to life than you.  Let’s keep lifting each other up and supporting other women in whatever way they do.

That’s all my rants for now.  Till next time!


4 thoughts on “don’t judge me

  1. Wah, dia ngga kenal stereotype Asian Tiger Mom? Gw ngerti kalo loe merasa tersinggung Ria, memang nyebelin sih, merendahkan, stereotyping, generalisasi dsb…dsb…Ah tapi it’s her loss. You are doing very well with the twins.


    1. Thanks Lo. Iya nyebelin aza komen2 ga penting padahal kenal gw juga ga.
      Tapi knapa ya, seringnya justru sesama asia nih yg suka nyinyir ala gini. Yg suka memandang rendah stay-at-home-mums, yg suka lebih bule daripada yg bules asli🤪🤪


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