life updates

Hello friends,

It’s been a while.  It’s been a while since my last post, which was in January when I was just back from holidaying in Bali.  Ahh…Bali, how I miss you.  I miss travelling in general, even our road or camping trips, I’m so longing for it.

How are you all coping so far? Are you okay? What does it look like where you are in the world? My family and I are doing ok so far.  Le hubby has been working from home for almost a month probably, and my boys…they’ve been off school physically since early March.  They are on term break at the moment until next week.

As per today, Western Australia has zero cases of COVID-19 which is good news and I’m so happy to hear that. Although, businesses and shops are still close and we are still social distancing and only going out of the house for essential things. Our state borders and regions are still closed tho, so pretty much we can’t go anywhere out of Perth.  I am really hoping and praying that this will pass pretty soon and that life will get back to normal.

Personally, this stay at home and social distancing new way of living doesn’t affect me so much.  Hahaaaa….I’m pretty sad, am I?!  Before all these happened, I’ve mostly stayed home and distanced myself from being social anyway 😜 What I miss most now is my yoga class, my hair salon, my eyebrow waxing place, eating out, watching a movie at the cinema, and few of my faves shops.  Oh and my small circle of girlfriends, of course! Other than that, I’m still happy pottering around my house,  playing with my four-legged buddy and looking after my green leaves friends.

I find myself is busier during this stay at home period.  I clean the house more than before COVID-19, cooking and baking more, and I seem pretty much occupied every day.  Some days I even run out of time!

I guess I’m lucky.  We are lucky.  With incomes and homes and backyards.  With a roof and heat on as winter is coming.  We are the lucky ones with good health and with the family in our home that hold space for us when the world feels too dark and heavy.

Where ever you are in the world, I wish you good health, stay safe and together we can get over this.  Meanwhile, give yourself more love, more sleep, more playing, more generosity, more connection, more kindness, more walks, more dreaming.

Sending love, prayers, and strength.

Until next time friends,






4 thoughts on “life updates

  1. It doesn’t affect me that much as well, I’ve always been a homebody. But like Stella, I miss going out to cafes and restaurants, and having a break from cooking. How are your active twins coping with this?


    1. They seem pretty much enjoy the break from all the sports, Dixie! Which I’m not impressed watching them just playing minecraft all day😈🤪 They do wallk the dog and go to the beach. I’m so looking forward for them to go back to school!


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