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Hello friends!

It’s been ages since my last post! I always have intentions to write more here, but well… sometimes I just don’t have the time or more likely I can’t be bothered to be honest 🙂 But you know I think I would still like to blog, to just rambling about what’s happening in my world. So here I am…. trying to sum up life updates so far that no one asked for, but here it is anyways 😃

To be honest, 2021 is off to a rough start for our family. Few not so good unpredictable things happened and it’s shaken my sanity quite a bit. But I am still grateful that we are all healthy and we still have a roof over our head. I believe life is like riding a bicycle, sometimes you are on the top, sometimes on the bottom. Whatever stage you are, you just need to keep pedalling, up and down the hill.

Despite of personal life dramas, we are very fortunate that here in Western Australia so far we haven’t had any cases of covid-19. Life is almost back to normal, businesses , shopping centres, restaurants and cafes are starting to boom again. We don’t wear mask and schools are back to normal even from last year. A month ago, we had one case ( a security hotel tested positive ) of covid-19 and immediately we had to lockdown for two weeks, shops and businesses were closed, only allowed to go out for essential things and had to wear mask. We still have to keep our distance and do Safe WA check in every time we enter shops, restaurants, hospitals, offices, etc. Still, international borders are closed tho. I think it will be a long time until we can travel overseas again. It’s kinda sad tho, sad because I don’t really know when I can see my family in Indonesia again. Let’s hope the vaccine will do the magic!

On another note, I just landed myself a job! I’ve been looking for a job seriously since late last year. I don’t remember how many resumes and cover letters I had made to apply for a job, with no success at all. I called a recruitment agents and none of them even returning my calls and emails. I got one interview at garden landscaping that I thought I would get the job. But after the person who interviewed me asked about my age, ~ which was a bit weird because that was the first time ever in my history of being interviewed that I got asked about my age ~ I knew I didn’t get it. I was frustrated and felt so dumb. For a month or so I then stopped looking for a job. I sulked.

It was only a week ago I saw an add for office administrator and thought I would give it a go. No hope at all, since some of the requirements were out of my league. I didn’t expect that the next day I got a call for an interview and today I got it! I’m beyond excited and grateful🙏🏼🙏🏼 Today was actually my first day, I got lots of things to catch up, to learn new things and absorbing all the information I need to know. May the force be with me!

I will end my not so important life up dates here. I hope you are all doing okay, safe and healthy. If you are still searching for job, keep going. You can have a rest but don’t quit. Sometimes it takes a long time for a good thing to come. It took lots of tears (for me) and determination. But eventually you will get it. It taught me to be patience with myself, to surrender and put more trust in Him.

Thank you for reading.


6 responses to “this mama life”

  1. Mba kuuuu… congratsss… enjoy your new role, God bless you always 😘❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you darling 🥰🥰


  2. Mba Riaaaa.. apalah aku yang inginnya cerita life updates tapi moodnya stress melulu ahahaha I am so happy for you! Semoga aku menyusul dapat kerja hihi, semangat and take care xxx


    1. Thank you Stella🥰🥰 semangat Stel, aku pun itu setelah ada kali 20an lebih resume yg disebar sebar akhirnya ada juga yg nyangkut 😜 Sabar darling, pasti akan dapet deh! 🙏🏼🙏🏼💪🏼💪🏼


      1. ihihi iyaaaaa aku percaya nanti kalau udah waktunya pasti dikasih 🥰🥰🥰 makasih mba ❤


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