the art of letting go

The words let go or letting go, it’s not as easy as the wise words of wisdom saying….

Instead, I find it is quite hard to let go of someone or something. To let go of something you can’t change, to let go of unrealistic expectation or hold on to bad relationships, friendships, any type of relationship that you can have with another human being.

I used to having hard times to let go of my boys being growing up to young adults. For example, letting them go camping by themselves, letting them driving (yes they can drive themselves now) to their friends’ house, letting them make stupid decisions or wrong choices. And many more. I’m not ready for them to go out party til late because I’m super worried things can go wrong, etc etc you named it.

Then I realised all my hold on to all of those just make me so stressed and had anxiety. Slowly but sure, I am starting to accept it. Accepting that my boys are growing up to be a young adult. If they don’t make mistakes then they never learn. The same things happened to me when I was at their age too. I made lots of bad choices, even until now I sometimes still make a wrong decision and bad mistakes. And after all, they are boys, I can’t expect them to stay at home reading books all the time 🙂

It took me almost two years to let go of my feeling being so deeply hurt and bruised by some people that used to be closed to me. What hurt most was the stabbed in my back, betrayal, and very harsh and rude words. If you know me pretty well, I’m very tough person. I am normally easy to forget, forgive and move on person. But this particular case, took me this long until I’m fine with it. Took me this long to be able to talk about it without feeling so hurt that make me wanted to cry. I used to cry every time I tried to talk about it to my DH.

But with time I heal, I let go and move on. It’s not that easy like those wise quotes say, it’s hard thing to do because in my head I still had so many why; why this why that. I have learnt that some people and things just aren’t going to be meant for me. Some jobs and situations just won’t work out, no matter how much I hoped they would. I can’t always in control of every thing happens according to my wish. And also, I have learnt that my peace of mind is more important than driving myself crazy trying to understand why something happened the way it did.

I’m writing this not to aim at anyone or anything. I’m writing this for myself. That I’m proud enough that I can overcome such heavy things that occupied my mind for that long. I finally can let it go. It makes me feeling a million times better 🙂 Yes, I would still worried about my boys where-being and where-about. I am that type of mother anyway. But at least it won’t drive me crazy like I used to be. Just need to trust them.

Life is full of twists and turns. Nobody’s life is a straight line. Sometimes we have to turn around and change our direction. Have you ever found yourself hard to let go of something, be that a relationship or things you love? How you overcome it?

Letting Go Is The Hardest Asana…..It’s an Everyday Practice


Love, Ria

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