cooking at home or eating out?

Hello Monday! Here I go again, once Monday comes it means grocery shopping for the whole week meal. I’m trying to do weekly grocery shopping as much possible as I can. Since I’m working on Monday, I either do it on Saturday or Monday after work (which is a bit tricky). It’s not easy to […]


MOTHERHOOD GOES LIKE THIS: You want to speed it up and slow it down. You want them to be grown ups and babies at the same time. The things that drive you insane are the things you know you’ll miss the most. You want a break but you miss them on the break. You want […]

here’s to 2022

Twenty-21 has felt like one of the longest years ever for me. Covid is still around with more variants and even though Western Australia has a good run with very few Covid cases and no restrictions at all, I still feel like living in a bubble. While most of the world is opening up, we […]

much needed get away

So….about two weeks ago I went on three nights yoga retreat at a secluded peaceful place somewhere down south in Yallingup. The place that we stayed was called Premalaya Yoga Retreat. I went with my girlfriend from college back in Jakarta and we just recently rekindled our friendship after she moves back here, to the […]


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Hi, I’m Ria. I’m a mother, wife, and lover of all things. I’m also a plants mama. This blog is for my love of sharing my favourites with you. Thank you for dropping by.

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