Chapter 18

Yesterday my darling little boys turned 18. Not sure how they made it, or more precisely how we did it… but here they are, from boys to young adults! They spent the whole afternoon til midnight partied out with their friends yesterday. One went to the winery and the other one was pub hopping. Celebrating […]

perempuan dan perut rata

Perempuan dan masalah berat badan dan perut rata ga akan pernah habis dibahas. Apalagi jaman now, yang mana model top cropped lagi nge-trend dimana mana, dari yang muda belia sampai ibu-ibu muda maupun tua (termasuk saya) ikutan memakai. Dan juga banyaknya foto2 perut rata di social media, celebrity terkenal sampai wanna be celebrity, perut rata […]

“ga enakan”

Sering tidak kamu mendengar kata-kata “tidak enak” or “ga enak” yang tidak ada hubungannya dengan rasa makanan ya. Di dalam pergaulan dengan sesama orang Indonesia, kata-kata ini tidak asing lagi ditelinga saya. “Tidak enak kalau tidak mengundang dia karena dia selalu mengundang saya”, contoh. “Ga enak ah kalau ga dateng, nanti dikira sombong” 😛 contoh […]

diary of the retail mama

Her love and hate for working in retail seem to continue for a while. Some days she doesn’t mind some days she hates it with all her heart. Sometimes she wonders, maybe she works too quick so there’s nothing left to do? Or maybe where are thou, dear customers?? Or maybe this kind of job […]


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