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the abnormal beauty

Firstly, I'm not a beauty blogger what so ever and second, this post is not paid.  All products I bought by myself, not a sponsor post.  This review is based on purely my own experience and I'd just like to share it with you all because I think it might be useful or helpful. Have… Continue reading the abnormal beauty

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n a m a s t e

Hi everyone... How's your Saturday so far? I have to work today but don't worry I'm not blogging from my work place 🙂  I went to my yoga class this morning at 6 am.  Now that the temperature is starting to get warm, if I could I would prefer to do my yoga in the… Continue reading n a m a s t e

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5 things i ❤️

It's June already! Time flies so fast when you are busy and having fun!  Long time ago I started this " 5 things I ❤️ " and as typical me, I forgot about it. So, I promise myself (and my readers) that I will try to post " 5 things I ❤️" once every month,… Continue reading 5 things i ❤️

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streetart photography

A couple of days days ago I had fun day shooting street art walls with Ine Gandah. She's a cool lady who loves vibrant colors and art walls. Check out her Instagram at @passionnidivita 👌🏻 I felt so honored that she wanted me to be her model for her Instagram walls. I mean, come on...I'm… Continue reading streetart photography

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hidden gem on your iphone

For those who have Iphone mobile do you know that you can store emergency contact numbers which can be accessed from your locked phone? I did not know before until a friend of mine at work told me, and I think it's pretty important.  Just in case you are unconscious or can't communicate after an… Continue reading hidden gem on your iphone

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how organic are you?

What factor do you take into account when you’re doing your weekly groceries?  Do you try to eat healthy? And by healthy does it mean to be organic? I’m not really into organic things but when I shop for food, especially for my kids, I always make an effort to read the ingredients in its… Continue reading how organic are you?

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on getting fit….

So, I have not been to the gym for almost four months! Yes, four freaking months without any exercise. Well, I swam lots during the summer and occasionally managed to drag my lazy behind to the Zumba class...oh and walked my four legs buddy to the park or the foreshore. But that was it though.… Continue reading on getting fit….

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gym etiquette please

Dear fellow gym members, I just want to say a little of my concern...just a bit okay 🙂 Here they are: 1.  When you come in late to the class (because parking is nightmare or whatever reason), please don't push other people instead you have to be at the back row and please don't creep… Continue reading gym etiquette please

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fashion friday : who says it has to be itsy bitsy

Though it is winter in this part of the world, another part of it is actually having a glorious sunny summer day...  I don't really envy all of you who can wear flip-flop and summer dress, but I am longing for those warm day at the beach where you can splish splash in the refreshing… Continue reading fashion friday : who says it has to be itsy bitsy

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on beauty thing….

Ok, I never write or post about make up before. I don't even consider myself a make up sassy, I don't  know what's the difference between BB, CC, and DD cream! ( Is there any DD cream or just my imagination? 🙂 ) So this post is not about how to apply the right blush… Continue reading on beauty thing….