Jumping Boys

This was taken when Nathan and Dylan were 16 months old, in one of those cloudy afternoon during winter time. http://images.multiply.com/multiply/multv.swf

First Day

Today was the first day Nathan and Dylan went to Kindergarten.They were ready since 9 o'clock in the morning, meanwhile today their group started at 12.30. They pestered me the whole morning with questions: "are you ready, mum? are we going now? or let's go mum, we'll be late". Somehow, I kind of forgot or [...]

So, They Are Going Next Year…

So, They Are Going Next Year…

Couple weeks ago I attended parents meeting session at Nathan and Dylan's Kindergarten. I didn't realize that time flies so fast. I can't believe that next year they go to Kindy. Feel like just yesterday we potty trained them! Somehow, thinking that they are going to Kindy make me feel a bit mellow. I don't [...]

You're 3 Today

Dear Nathan & Dylan,Today you turned three years old. Happy Birthday, Boys! I had been telling you both for a few weeks that your birthday was coming soon, and on this morning when you woke up I told you that it was finally here, that 3 years ago you came screaming into this world. Nathan, [...]