on raising boys

on raising boys

Hello friends, How have you been?  In my part of the world, it's officially summer here! Hello longer days, balmy nights, beach life, tank top, shorts, flip flop, sunscreen,.... not so hello when the temperature hits 40 degrees, four days in the row though! School is also finished.  Goodbye year ten and welcome soon year [...]

two peas in a pod

I wanted to post this for a long time actually. But every time I typed I deleted it again and again. I guess I am being paranoia. I am scared that  I will be labelled as over sharent, or people might think I want to show off to the soc-med about my children. But  then [...]

living in the fast lane

living in the fast lane

this morning when i picked up my eldest twin from his morning swimming, i could see something was a bit wrong.  he looked like kind of wanting to cry and stressed.  so i asked him what's wrong.  first he said it's nothing.  then i tried to persuade him more, then he broke down into tears.... [...]

motherhood : back to school

Today, after 6 weeks holidays, my children finally go back to school....yaay! 🙂 Don't get me wrong, I love them dearly, I cherish every moment and time I can spend with them, and I'm aware that they are growing up fast and before I know they will not be wanting to spend time with their [...]

motherhood : on being a pushy mama

What kind of parent are you? What type of mother are you? Are you the strict and disciplined, or relaxed and not so pushy kind? Are you a tiger mum or softie mum? As a parent/s how far will you push your children to do things for their life, that you as a parent, think [...]

flying solo

This post is in lieu of the 2nd anniversary of  "Indonesia in My Pocket" The most fun time in my life in the last two years was when I traveled solo to New York City.  I traveled all the way across the Pacific ocean and thousands of km away from where I live, by myself, [...]

do you tell porky pie about sex?

Whether you like it or not, one day your child/children will ask you stuff about sex. Where did I come from, mummy? What makes a baby? In the beginning when they are at the very young age, you perhaps keep the answer as simple as possible, by telling them that baby comes from mummy's tummy. [...]

solo parenting

(pic from tumblr.com) It has rained a lot this week, the sky is grey the mood is gloomy and the earth is wet. I don't really know is it because of the weather or it's just me but I feel a bit low and lonely especially these past two days. You know that I always [...]

motherhood : two weeks break

Hello Monday!  I am actually quite happy to welcome you today.  You know why, because it's Monday and I got to sleep in and I don't have to make lunch boxes! Yes, it's school holiday yaay! 🙂 The boys have lots of homework and novel to read from school during this school holiday.  I don't [...]

motherhood monday : end of term

We are crawling toward the end of the school term, it's only a week to go before the Easter holiday!  The three of us have done pretty well this half term.  It's been crazily busy these past couple weeks with mad swimming training almost every morning and sometimes double it in the afternoon as well.  [...]