it's back to school…

School starts yesterday...yaay!  Even though I have to say good-bye to my sleep-ins and the-whole-day-in pjs attitude but I'm quiet happy for my Boys to go back to school again.  I love them to bit but I do think they need better education than what Mummy & Daddy can teach them at home 🙂 So, [...]

Tooth Fairy Is Coming

When I came home this evening, my son Dylan told me that he finally has lost his teeth. I say teeth because he lost two straight away of his first teeth. My little baby Dylan has lost his first teeth! I remember when he had none! It has been about a week or so that [...]

You're Five!

Dear Nathan and Dylan,A week ago you turned five years old. I can not wrap my head around the idea that you have been in our lives for five years, that seems impossible. I felt just like yesterday that they yanked you two out of my womb and placed you trembling onto my exhausted chest. [...]

An Up Date

I haven't written in this blog for quiet a long time. Not that I was very occupied with life in general, it was just my brain was fried for a while. Some nights I sat in front of my laptop and thought would share some of my thoughts in this space. But suddenly, my brain [...]

Going Solo?

For almost the whole last month Daniel was away for work. And it was a tough month for me. There had been lots of things happenings. The Boys got chickenpox, their 3rd birthday party, my job, and any other issues. I feel like I am a single parent most of the time, lately.I have lots [...]

The Pox Story

When Nathan had chickenpox, he got it very mild. And he was pretty good most of the time, didn't really get ill only a bit temperature. But he was still jumping up and down. ........ and still looks cute ..............Two weeks later it was Dylan's turn. And it was pretty bad one plus he was [...]