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I have been tagged on Facebook in honour of Mother’s Day to share ” All About Your First Born ” .  Since Mother’s Day was way passed, I thought I would share it on my blog. Emmy and Shinta already done it too, so here’s my turn! 😄


1. Epidural? Shit, yes!
2. Father in the room? Of course! Where else he should be?!
3. Induced? Yup!
4. Normal? Yup!
5. Due date? Bugger if I know.
6. Birth date? Thank God they decided to come out at the same day 24/04/04
7. Morning sickness? Hell yeah for 13 weeks every single day!
8. Cravings? Lamb Rogan Josh and Waitrose Cornish dairy ice cream
9. Kilos gained? 22 kilos! OMG!
10. Sex of the baby? Twin Princes
11. Place you gave birth? Birthing Suite Nottingham Hospital
12. Hours in labour room? 16 or 17 hours
13. Babies’ weight? 2.9kg & 2.52 kg
14. Babies name? Gollum and Stinky 😝
15. How old is your baby today? 13 going on 19!
16. Most memorable event during pregnancy? Most memorable event was not that nice though, but anyway I can’t forget it so I count it as most memorable:  I had bleeding at 28, 30, and 33 weeks.  Each episode required me being on bed rest at the hospital for three or five days, and the doctors and nurses didn’t really know what was it cause.  Thanks God, I was able to carry them full term for 38 weeks for twin pregnancy, yaay! 😛

Come on mamas! Let’s hear your story, copy and paste and change my answers to yours!

Happy Tuesday!


6 years in blogging + giveaway

Apparently according to WordPress, today is marked my six years of blogging with WordPress.  Yaaay, happy birthday to http://www.ohdearria.com I suppose!

In these six years of blogging, I probably just started religiously writing or posting in the last 2 years, I think.  Before that I was on and off, more off than on..tee hee…

So, through blogging for this six years I got to know a lot of people offline.  Few of them I have met, and few of them even though I haven’t seen them in flesh but we bond our friendship through private messages, other social media such as Path and FB. And I am very very grateful to get to know each of you, and I am thankful that you’ve been following this blog, commenting, and liking, and also give your loves through my Instagram as well.

I am trying hard when I’m expressing my point of views or opinions through my writing that I won’t judge people or thing, though sometimes it’s hard and I failed.  I apologize if you’ve ever felt offended by my writing or my comments.

I’m now daring myself by doing this, but what the heck it’s 2017, I gotta start new thing 🙂  I haven’t done this thing so far.  So, here’s the thing…. because it’s six anniversary of this blog I would like to give a little something for six people who comment on this post. I also have six questions for you to answer 🙂

Here they are:

  1.  What city I live?
  2.  What is my dog’s name and what breed is he?
  3. How many children I have?
  4. What do you want me to write more on this blog or what kind of story do you want me to write about?
  5. Should I blog more in bahasa Indonesia?
  6. Should I keep doing my vlog? Will you watch?

Okay that is all, it’s easy peasy right?  I will let you know the six lucky readers on my next post in the first week of February.  Those six people whose answers are all correct or close to, will get ; stationery from Kikki K, a fridget magnet, and a little something from Typo.  I’ll be waiting for your comments until end of January. Oh yeah, knowing I always have low rating for comments, so if I don’t have six people to comment, the first 3 people will get the gifts.

Have fun and once again, thank you very much for reading and following OhdearRia, much love to you all.

PS: If you haven’t, please follow OhDearRia on facebook, link is here





on vlogging

Hey everyone,

Finally….I am glad enough to let you know that against all odds I made it my first (ever) Vlog, yay! After so many obstacles and discouragement from the member of my family of course, this time I finally can finish and edit it and upload to my you tube channel.

The vlog is not very long though, well for the beginner like me I think it’s ok better than nothing! 🙂

So, without further ado please check the video below or click here, watch it, like it, comment and subscribe pleaseee… I may make another one if I get some viewers tee hee 😛

PS: I do apologise for the rude finger from my very naughty son, I’m very sorry about that, I didn’t actually realized until I edited the video.


Happy watching, peeps!



Thank you for loving me unconditionally, challenging me, keeping my feet on the ground, laughing with me, holding me close when I’m down and supporting me.  Thank you for putting up with my stubbornness and craziness.

Seventeen years today.  Has not always been the smoothest ride  but I’m so glad we chose to go on it together.

Here’s to another year of sharing sunsets and dreams, happy 17th anniversary…to the father of my children💋

on father’s day

It’s Father’s day today in Australia.  We started the morning, making breakfast for the father of my children followed by Father’s day presents of course.

The weather is really lovely, 19 degree and sunny. So, we decided to go up the hills in the bush to spend the rest of the day. We brought our meats and some snacks along with us. Cooked our meat on the fire. Just a simple lunch, just us. That’s the way the father of my children likes to celebrate his day.

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portrait photography

You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistable for the rest of your life

– coco chanel –

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seventy one

Yesterday, my mother land was celebrating another year older, she’s 71.  Happy birthday for yesterday, Indonesia!

I’m not such a patriotic person that can be a role model. I left my mother land almost 18 years ago, to follow my heart and love. I’m adjusted well in my adopted country.  But I still feel like I belong much to my mother land. My love for her is still the same, my disappointment of her still there, and my hope for her to be better and stronger is always always there. One thing for sure, I always love love the food she has!  It’s true that you can take an Indonesian out of Indonesia but you can’t take Indonesia out of an Indonesian!

I wish Indonesia all the best for the future.  Selamat ulang tahun, dirgahayu Republik Indonesia, stay wonderful as always!


a little update

Hi everyone!

How’s life treat you so far? I hope it’s good, and even if it’s not so good, I do hope it won’t be forever. C’est la vie isn’t it?

Well, mine has been busy (as always) with the kids’ schedules. Though it was school holidays, but I seemed even more hectic arranging the sleep-overs, play-dates, taking them here and there. Thank God today they are back to school, yaay! Don’t get me wrong I love school holidays, I love sleep-ins, and lazy days. But, at some stage I love them being back to routine, back to school they go!

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A loner is someone that prefers not to associate with others, that is according to mister google.  But in my opinion a loner is a person who likes being alone and is happy being on his own.  The thought of being alone sometimes is scary, but I do think it depends on the way you look at it. I like being alone, not most of the times, but I don’t mind being alone if I have to.

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shop girl

I used to work at a high-end boutique fashion shop where a simple tank top cost you 100 bucks, where my  customers smelt like an expensive perfume, and they easily spent their money without a second thought.  My shop was nice and cool. And I felt safe and happy to go to work.

But something had changed, the retail situation was not good in this part of the world, so my nice shop was forced to close and moved to somewhere a bit far away from where I live.  When they asked me if I still wanted to work for them, I said yes.  I know it will be a big change and challenge. Now, it’s a clearance outlet, my customers have colourful hair, some I noticed so far have green, blue, and pink hair. Some enter the shop as if they are in another planet.  When I greet them, often I get just a blank stared at me or a surprised look and ignored look, but I also get some nice responses and friendly smiles.

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