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bekerja di australia

Beberapa bulan lalu saya pernah posting mengenai serba serbi hidup di Australia, dari mulai harga rumah, sekolah, sampai mahalnya harga secangkir flat white disini. Sekarang saya mau cerita mengenai bekerja di Australia. Mind you, tulisan saya ini berdasarkan pengalaman hidup saya selama tinggal di negara kangaroo ini, precisely di Western Australia ya. Karena mungkin meskipun sama-sama… Continue reading bekerja di australia


motherhood : back to school

Today, after 6 weeks holidays, my children finally go back to school....yaay! ๐Ÿ™‚ Don't get me wrong, I love them dearly, I cherish every moment and time I can spend with them, and I'm aware that they are growing up fast and before I know they will not be wanting to spend time with their… Continue reading motherhood : back to school

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a place i call home

photo from : traveller.autobarn.com Faith and love brought me to live away from my origin.ย  Dream and determination made me strong.ย  Motherhood changed my world upside down.ย  I did not regret every bit of it, but I have to admit it wasn't an easy way. My journey to adapt and adjust a new life in… Continue reading a place i call home


[ travel ] Brisbane – Queensland

When we only had five full days and a half in Brisbane, we made sure we should cover a bit of the sight-seeing subjects. It was my first time visiting Brisbane, capital city of Queensland, known also as Brisvegas. Day 1. Our flight touched down the tarmac at around 7.30 on Saturday morning. Thanks to… Continue reading [ travel ] Brisbane – Queensland