living with plants

Hello friends! Let’s talk about plants! Because at the moment, looks like every single person that I know, is into plants! I noticed, since the covid-19 lockdown, people are into plants so much. Some people that I know, used to not into plants before, now they have almost every plants on the planet😀 Which is… Continue reading living with plants

what's in perth

perth garden festival

So, my girlfriend and I went to Perth Garden Festival 2019 this morning.  It's my first time to visit this event.  The weather this morning was pretty good, warm enough for autumn season in this part of the world, that you still need to slip, slap, and slop ☀️ We bought our tickets online with… Continue reading perth garden festival

random stuff

my green lovers

I used to think that gardening or plants are just for old people.  I mean, when you are 60 and above, then it's the kind of thing you would do to kill time.  I often admired my late mother in law's  garden and amused with all her colourful petunias.  I always love pretty garden though,… Continue reading my green lovers