hello miss saigon

As you've probably known from my IG stories and feeds that my two monkeys and I went to Vietnam for this summer holidays.  It was just for a short period, last get away before school starts. As this was our first time to Vietnam sans le hubby, we chose Saigon and the south area of… Continue reading hello miss saigon


bali baby!

Bali seemed like a good idea for this school holidays.  It just fitted our time frame perfectly. Since le hubby couldn't get much time off, so 8 days in the island of paradise was just what we needed.  We actually didn't really plan to go to Bali again, since our last visit was in February,… Continue reading bali baby!


this mama’s life

Hey everyone, Finally, this mama gets time to blog again! It has been a very full on and hectic life of this mama lately.  That's why I haven't been able to update this blog since my last post. My boys have finished school last week, yup it's early, and it's not good because I still… Continue reading this mama’s life

random stuff

school holidays

picture's from : google We are having 6 weeks school holiday here in down under.  My children won't be back to school until second of February.  They will be year 6 this year, the last grade in primary school.  Oh no....and then they are going to middle school / high school the following year.  Time… Continue reading school holidays


motherhood : two weeks break

Hello Monday!  I am actually quite happy to welcome you today.  You know why, because it's Monday and I got to sleep in and I don't have to make lunch boxes! Yes, it's school holiday yaay! 🙂 The boys have lots of homework and novel to read from school during this school holiday.  I don't… Continue reading motherhood : two weeks break